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  1. Bodywork
    we are picking our megane up in may, its the 1.6vvti 5door, Has anyoe done any body mods or improvments? I am looking at bigger wheels to replace the standad wheel trims, i would ike to make it stand out from the crowd f meganes but nothing ott (have they made a sport model in 5 door?)
  2. Engines
    I own a Y Plate Renault Megane with 25k on the clock. Yesterday my battery and stop light lit up on the dashboard and the power steering became heavy. Found two pieces of pulley in the engine bay. Towed to Renault dealer who changed the cambelt about 4 weeks ago. They are saying the pulley has...
  3. Electronics
    Hi and thanks for having me.. OK I have a bit for a problem 57 reg 19 dci megane 130 6 speed Today I pop the fuse that runs the fog lights so went in to the upside down fuse box in the front of the car to replace and did so and they worked Thats when the problems begin.... Car will now only...
  4. Electronics
    Hi there, what i have is not exactly more a bit of cunfusion on my part, i only got my megane yesterday however on the trip computer, i can see all the displays saying average speed, average fuel consuption, range etc etc, however there is one which appears to be missing from the list and that...