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    Hi all I own a phase 3 Laguna and have been looking for a forum to share information about my car
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    Hi all, I have had a 2012 Megane 1.6dci GT-line estate for nearly 3 years now. What an absolutely brilliant car.120,000 miles with no problems. I particularly like the economy of regularly getting 60+ mpg on my daily commute and only £20 per year road tax. The R9M engine is a peach, especially...
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    Thanks for letting me join the community, hope to share and learn something about our wonderful cars
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    Hi to all thanks for the add joined as i ave just got mk2 renault megane
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    Hi everybody! Just started used this forum. I´m owner of one Renault clio 2. This is second car in our family. Before this clio was owner two older models of clio and one megane from 2001, one scenic from 2005, one Renault 5 GTX from 1990, and my first one was Renault 4 GTL
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    Hi all A new member, don't own a Renault car but a MK1 Renault 5 (1984) trike. Hoping to pick a few brains now and then :smile2::smile2:
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    (2015 Renault Fluence Dynamique 1.5 DCI 110 Automatic) Hi All, Just joined and looking forward to participating in the Forum. I have some queries to do with my car but not sure where to post them as there doesn't appear to be a Fluence section on here, any advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance
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    Hi Guys, Would like to introduce myself my name is Chris am 32 and from Liverpool. I currently drive a 2011 MK3 Renault Megane GT Line had the car just under 12 months now and got to say best car I have ever owned its currently got 25,000 miles on the clock. anyways be nice to get to no you...
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    hi all keebo here from south africa.i am the proud owner of a 2005Renault megane 1.6 manual. i like to do as much of the maintainance on my vehicles myself.i love my Renault and hope to learn from the "old hands"
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    Hi All. Im an old member who has returned to the fold! Renaults that I have owned in the past are R5 Campus, R5 Monaco, R9, R14, R21 Monaco, Early Espace now returned with a Modus. Pete
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    Hi all.just a WAV Trafic 2008 for my wee boy Jack. And looking for info. Drivers door clicking when opening????help please..
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    Hi everyone, I'm Pete, been looking through all the posts on renault masters. have an issue with one of mine that has garages stumped...
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    Good morning. Just introducing myself to the forums.
  14. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, my name is Eddie and I am new to this forum. I have a 2013 Renault Clio 900cc turbo and hope to find a lot of knowledge on this forum.
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    Hi, just joined Renaultforums and hoping to solve a few irritating issues on my 2002, 1.8, petrol, semi auto DPO(triptron) transmission, Laguna phase II.
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    Hi everyone I have just joined the forum. I own a 2010 laguna coupe tom tom which I have alway wanted. After saving hard to buy on I finally have one but after 3 months I have a problem. The car runs great no power loss but the engine light is on and messages read check injection system and...
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    Hi everyone, I've just joined. I have a 2014 Renault Captur which I purchased as a repaired Cat D after a driver side front wing dink. Had a renault 19, 20 odd years ago and couldn't fault it so decided to put my trust in another renault. Had a cat D fiat punto for the last 8 years and had no...
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    I just got new Clio it's a 0.9 dynamic medianav s it doesn't have dab radio can this be upgraded by Renault or local garage etc
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    Hello Everyone, I've just joined and hope to get some information to help me maintain my 1994 Renault Trafic-based camper van. Best regards Norman:nerd:
  20. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, This seems like a good friendly forum where there are many who try to give help and guidance to others. I have gained some help already from here, having found the colour for the paint code NV603. This year is working out expensive for me as I have needed to buy a new card key...