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  1. For our younger members, Comedy at its best

    Outside link below
  2. More members set to benefit from Chris Knott service

    Chris Knott Insurance
    More members set to benefit from Chris Knott service... Hi, Insurers have relaxed their rules under our car clubs and enthusiasts offering which means we should be able to help more of you get a better car insurance deal. We'll still be applying common sense to our quotes but there'll no...
  3. CK - now even more members able to save

    CK - now even more members able to save Hi, Further to my post last month about our DashCam Prize Draw (which is still running), here's another great incentive for you to call us for a quote when your car insurance is due... One of our insurer partners has opened up new pricing to us. This...
  4. 174,000 38 degrees members voted to stop this

    General Chat
    I was just one who did chose to campaign against energy companies and their energy hike and we have lets see the PM put her pledge into action.. Theresa May revives plan to cap energy prices - BBC News
  5. Greetings Renault Forum Members from a Newbie!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Greetings from Wales! So here I am, finally registered. Phew! Time for a cup of tea already:smile2:. Signup and registering done. Loggin in?... is my tech limit challenged already! You bet.:laugh: I have tried a few times over 2-3years but could never get thru the captcha thingymajig. Hey ho...
  6. New Service for Forum Members

    General Chat
    Does your car smell musty! Does your car have streaming window condensation! Are your carpets at all soggy! Do you have a swimming pool in your boot! Well folks this is a permanent cure for all your wet, damp problems as a new service is being provided by the one and only --------- Lancs...
  7. New members

    General Chat
    hi Can something be put in the joining page that makes adding 'in my garage' bit mandatory? We have had quite a lot of new people on here lately who haven't / cant find where to enter this info. Seems to particularly people on tablets and phones do they get different layouts to the PC/mac...
  8. Missing Members **Serious**

    General Chat
    Dear Members. Now all the password Palaver has calmed. Some have made it back, others haven't. Batty has suggested that we take a roll call of all those considered MIA. I don't usually get my stern head on, but in this case, I ask, plead, even insist that this thread..... MUST be only to...
  9. Lost members due to new password

    General Chat
    Is it possible to find out how many actual members we have remaining because of the recent password debacle.
  10. Missing Members

    General Chat
    Any one heard off, Phil, StuJ, or mord. Know first 2 have been/ are ill, not sure of mord
  11. Note to Admins and members alike..

    General Chat
    Just thought I would put this together because as I have previously said I think the posting count is down and members are missing.. I dont know if any of you have noticed a specific member absent ..possibly ill but very possibly they are unable to log in for one reason or another..this morning...
  12. local members

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, Is there a section on the forum where I could find members close to me who have access to fault finding equipment and would offer to carry out quick diagnostic check? If there is where could I find it please. If not is anyone in the Northeast Durham, Sunderland that would be willing to...
  13. Hello members and merry Christmas.

    General Chat
    Hello members as I write this in a quiet corner in a room I am taking a couple of minutes out after just finishing a 12 pack with a new member of the family (cousins new bf) at family party he's an ex army bloke just left the army so where enjoying life from both ends of the battle field...
  14. Discount on UK Breakdown Cover for RenaultForums members

    Chris Knott Insurance
    Our 'Awesome Autumn' Offer - £5 OFF UK Breakdown Cover Chris Knott Breakdown Cover normally costs £59.50 for a single vehicle and there are extra discounts for covering multiple vehicles. However, to help members as we enter the misty mornings and cooler days of Autumn, we're offering £5 OFF...
  15. Calling all RenaultForums members

    Hi, As a car club/forum member you could save money on your standard/modified/multicar insurance when you ask Chris Knott to quote. The current sign-up rate under our special scheme for car club members is 45% - that means we win the business on almost every other quote offered. It means we're...
  16. Hello Members

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi would like to say hello to all members i purchased a megane 1.6 vvt Dynamique 2 weeks ago to use along side my SLK convertible as the megane has rear seats which SLK doesn't i was quite impressed with it anyway on Monday when i went to start it it started up but made a horrible rattling sound...
  17. Brawn, Domenicali among members of new FIA Accident Panel

    Formula 1 news One racing's governing body, the FIA, has confirmed the make-up of its new Accident Panel, which will look into the circumstances surrounding Jules Bianchi's crash in the Japanese Grand Prix. The group, which includes former...
  18. Home Insurance for club members (CK scheme)

    Home Insurance for club members Though we're well known as a provider of car insurance to car club/forum members and that's the reason we're working with this forum, Chris Knott does have good rates for Home Insurance too. You'll receive the usual Chris Knott benefits, such as personal...
  19. hello forum members!!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I'm join today. I'm korean mechnical designer who interested in car repairing.
  20. GAP Cover for RenaultForums members now online

    Well the title says it all really - following the success of our online 'quote and buy' system for Chris Knott Breakdown Cover we've placed our popular 3-year GAP Cover online too. GAP Insurance QUOTE link: What is GAP? In the event of a total loss claim (a...