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  1. Electronics
    Somebody please help. I have recently bought my daughter a 60 plate Renault Clio IMUsic, the car is great. however when she goes to pair her phone with the bluetooth she keeps getting the memory full message. I have looked everywhere but I dont seem to beable to find the correct procedure for...
  2. Electronics
    Hi, I hadn't used my car for around a year, the battery was shot and had to be replaced The stereo will no longer recognise its security code. I have previously used this code so I know it's been ok in the past Any ideas ?
  3. Electronics
    I changed the radio in my 2005 grand scenic and since then every time I go out in the car the radio has reset so has the trip computer and clock resets to 0.00 and flashes. I have checked fuse in glove box and it's fine also checked fuses under bonnet and all looked fine although I haven't a...
  4. Electronics
    A couple of years ago the window regulator failed so i replaced it and all was well. Then a fault developed where the window kept loosing its memory and would only go up in inches. I figured out that this memory loss occurred when the window bottomed out. What i mean is that whenever it...
  5. Electronics
    Hi there I recently bought my first car, a 2002 Clio 1.2 and am having a few problems. The radio (which is not the original radio) is unable to hold any saved settings, so whenever I turn off the engine the whole radio resets itself despite me saving the stations etc. Also the cigarette...
  6. Electronics
    hi again , I keep losing the clock memory ( flashes ) but the thing is its not after a short period of time ( going to pay for petrol ) but rather over night. I don't know if this memory issue plays havoc with other dashboard features. Renault Megane Scenic Authentique 04 1.4 16v.
  7. Electronics
    I have just got a 1.6 grand scenic on a 2005 plate. I have noticed every time I turn car on my clock has reset and I have to put radio code in also trip computer resets to zero any ideas?? Thanks in advance
  8. Electronics
    I have done a silly thing. I removed my factory fitted Renault car stereo. to try another one. I put the original one back when I discovered the change did not work, Since then My dashboard clock and trip counter won't keep it's memory and the radio looses it's code. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE?
  9. Electronics
    Vel Satis 2003, Why my car all the time change mirror position when i start the car? I mean, must be something with memory possible disable mirror memory? or fix annoying problem? I'm tired of always adjust the mirrors when i sit in the car. I was trying to open one mirror but don't...
  10. Computer Club
    I have got a problem with my computer running very slowly. I get a message, “short of virtual memory” not the exact wording. Another message came up about “A script on this page is slowing it down & do I want to stop it, so I clicked yes. The page that I am running then is the daily mail. Any...
  11. Computer Club
    My computer is a bit slow, sometimes more than a bit!! I get a message quite often about being short of virtual memory. Any ideas how I can solve my problem please as I have no idea. Regards to all, bayleaf2
  12. Electronics
    Hello all. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. My 2001 diesel Kangoo 1.9 has had a fault with the clock display since I bought it last month. The clock always resets itself back to 00.00 when the ignition is turned off. I've had the clocks off & apart hoping to find a fault...
  13. Electronics
    hi, got my hands on a launch x431 scanner and my 2000 1.2 clio is showing fault 16g ignition coil circuit, memory coil 1 and 4 in open circuit? cant find any info on it at all? car has a miss fire at 1500rpm when driving under load any ideas?
  14. Electronics
    Hi, Just installed a parrot CK3100 into my scenic II (04reg) (Normal stereo system) The kit did not come with the iso connectors and the wires were cut already (Second hand) I've installed the kit and all seems to be working fine except it doesn't say 'goodbye' when removing the key and it...
  15. Electronics
    came accross this code today wondered if anyone else knows more about it? cars miss firing and this code showing is this related to the map sensor?
  16. Computer Club
    I've no idea how many people here are using Vista or Windows 7 as their OS but I discovered a wee tip to help boost the available RAM using USB sticks or SD cards. Most of us tend to have "spares" lying around doing nothing , so it's as well to use them. This is done using the "readyboost"...
  17. Electronics
    i have installed my stereo from my old car and every time i switch the stereo on it hasnt kept any settings can anyone tell me what wire i need to connect to for the blue memory wire which also leads to my amp
  18. Electronics
    I've just buried my Laguna Executive and now have an Initiale V6 24Valve Estate, 51 plate. Major problem is: when I open the door the seat moves back to a position held in the memory.This is seriously doing my box in big-time. Can someone please to infinity, instruct me just how to remove old...
  19. Electronics
    Hi there, i have just installed a sub in the boot of my car and it blew the fuse for the clock. so i replaced it and ever since then my headunit and clock on the dash has reset itself everytime the car is turned off. The headunit was fine before it would keep te position of the cd and radio...
  20. Electronics
    Hi guys, Done a search on the net for a solution to my problem and this site kept popping up so thought I'd give it a go. Fitted a phone kit to the car and whilst testing for the mute lead I accidentally earthed a power feed wire to the body of the radio which in turn tripped the fuse. Pulled...