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  1. Check injection message Renault Scenic II 2006 1.9dci 96kw(131Hp)

    Hey! So time to time I get a Check injection warning on the dashboard and the car as they say goes into limp mode. Currently Im on the idea that the Map sensor could need some cleaning? Could that makes sense? As the times when the message appears are completly random. It can happen while im...
  2. 19mph or 31mph message on dash and centre console loss of power

    Hi all New to here,hoping someone can help. I have a 17 plate Megane GT Line. It has this strange fault that it keeps having where I get a 19mph or 31mph message on dash near to the speedo and the centre console loses power. You hear a relay click and the centre console goes off....after...
  3. Radio error message problem **Fixed**

    I recently had some work done on my Laguna Mk ll which involved disconnecting the battery. When I came to reset the radio I entered the incorrect code and now the display just shows 'Error' when I switch on. I have tried disconnecting the battery again to see if I could enter the correct code...
  4. Master 3 dash message - check auto lights **Fixed**

    Hi 2010 Renault master 3 with 2.3 euro 5 engine - workshop light on and dashboard message saying check auto lights. Can***8217;t find any info in book, workshop manual, online or even from the Renault mechanic I spoke to..... Anyone got any ideas where I can start fault finding it?
  5. check engine light and check emissions message

    hi everyone, the check engine light and "check emissions" message appeared yesterday a minute after starting my clio mk3 '07. i took the car to garage and the mechanic told me that he think it is a problem with the VVT solenoid. i search in the forum and find that it also could be the dephaser...
  6. Check stop and start message

    Ask the Experts
    Hi! I have a renault clio sport tourer limited edition. I bought brand new in april 2018. I have som problems with a message in the messageboard. It's usually come when I drive at the highway. Suddenly the message comes and it says "Check Start and Stop". My car have been at the dealer for check...
  7. Gearbox message

    hi I am driving Renault scenic 1.6. recently I m getting message on dashboard that " Check gearbox". if I turn off the car, it disappeared. this message come sometime very frequent. I am not having any problem to drive. car drive smoothly. please if anyone know what to do please advice me.
  8. clio "check injection" message and spanner light on

    hello ppl, new to this forum so really sorry if this question has been asked before. I have a 2010 clio 3 with a 1.5 k9k engine with 66k on clock, I have a "check injection" message in dash along with the orange spanner light which is continuously on. The vehicle starts first time and the...
  9. Battery low message

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    Hi again guys! Today's problem? Battery low message on my Mk3 2010 scenic dci tomtom. When you start, it says battery charging and goes off after a while. Problem that bothers me is next day, battery low message again? I actually managed to find the battery. Connections are tight and clean. Any...
  10. Check injection message.

    Hi all. New on here. I have an 07 grand scenic 1.6 petrol. Recently on the dash has come up check injection. No EML on just the message. When I first start it up it revs fine but as soon as I start driving, it won't rev over 3000 rpm. Green flag said possible injector fault so I've replaced them...
  11. Check Injection Message

    Hi i have a Renault megan***8217;s ***8220;05***8221; reg mk2 1.5 dci 86 bhp, just recently the check injection warning message has came on, it is starts quite bad only/mainly on the 1st initial start up from cold, (8-10 hours or so since last start/run) then starts & runs ok once above...
  12. Scenic 3 - Message "New Battery? yes no"

    Hi all, Scenic 3, 2012, 1.6dCi Dyn stopstart Working away from home this week and had a battery fail (OEM AGM battery 6 years old, 150,000 miles) a new battery fitted so I could get home last night. This morning I have a message asking "New battery? yes no" - see photo. I can...
  13. Electronic Fault message Grand Scenic 2005

    Cars & motoring
    Electronic Fault message Grand Scenic 2005 I keep having the Electronic Fault service message come up on the dash. Car is performing as it should. Message goes off when I press the brake pedal. Anyone know what this could be????
  14. Electronic Fault message Grand Scenic 2005

    I keep having the Electronic Fault service message come up on the dash. Car is performing as it should. Message goes off when I press the brake pedal. Anyone know what this could be????
  15. Electronic Fault message Grand Scenic 2005

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I keep having the Electronic Fault service message come up on the dash. Car is performing as it should. Message goes off when I press the brake pedal. Anyone know what this could be????
  16. Laguna III GT 205 - 4 Wheel steering - Steering wheel failure error message

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I am posting this, after trawling the internet without any luck. I have a Renault Laguna MK III GT 205 which comes with 4 Wheel steering. Recently both the front wishbones and both rear axle beam bushes were replaced. Since then I occasionally get a Power Steering failure message. Now...
  17. Megane MK 2 1.5 Dci Injection failure etc..solved

    I have had a recurring issue with the car (Megane 2006 1.5 dCi) not starting: 'injection failure' and 'card not recognised' when trying to start. RAC came out, disconnected the battery and hey presto, car started. I used this as a work around for a while but it got harder and harder to start...
  18. Megane 2 1.9 dci Check injecton message

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    Afternoon friends. I own a megane 2 1.9 dci. The check injection message is on the dash...took it for diagnosis and two injectors showed to be having a problem. Took out the and had them refurbished and haaad them put back, unashamedly the light came back on. Every time i get down hard on the...
  19. Roof not opening beep and message (Rod rosher)

    Did you sort this Rod...
  20. Roof not opening beep and message

    Hi to everyone I'm new to the forum and need some help please. Just bought my first renault it's a megane extreme convertible 2008.very happy with the car but it had an issue with the back window it didn't line up to the front window so there's a gap between the two window seals i looked it up...