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  1. Ask the Experts
    I removed the instrument panel to clean but after replacing the unit the button to change the mileage to the trip mileage and also to set the clock is now not working. Can anybody help????
  2. Electronics
    Any one after a really good multi meter, dont go crackers on your bids if you do decide. This is one of the best and is ideal for your car :nerd: Crypton Multi Meter | eBay Would expect it to reach, around 50£, so it will not be cheap
  3. Electronics
    on my driver dashboard, 07 campus, its got the total mileage displayed in lcd, theres the sticking out reset button but i cant see a trip meter on the dash, all there is is the mileage going up. is there a way to change the lcd display, never owned a renault before,am i missing something...
  4. Engines
    I was driving last night and my vehicle just stopped working First the acceleration went, then the braking and then the steering seized Breakdown came out and tested battery saying all was well - even fitted a new one and the engine wouldn't fire enough to start The bizarre thing about the...
  5. Electronics
    Hi I have a 2007 Master 2.5 & the plug to the air flow meter has started to disolve! I have looked & cant find anywhere that can supply a replacement plug, can anyone point me in the righe direction please? Brian
  6. Electronics
    Renault Megane 1.6 2007, driver electric window stopped working, stuck open about 4ins, the dealer fixing under warranty. I think i reset the trip computer as miles to next fill, AMG reset, average speed reset etc... current mileage reset. Car started ok at lunch time, but this evening, car...
  7. Brakes/Hubs
    I have a problem with my 2009 Grand Scenic III, 2.0 dCi, with automatic gear. Few days ago a had big brake down: Fault on display "Breaking fault - STOP", steering wheel is not working properly, speed meter is not working (I can not see my speed). Also, when I stop: parking brake is not...
  8. Engines
    Hi everybody, Can anyone tell me what happens to the air flow meter when fitting a aftermarket induction kit as they dont seem to accomadate it, Car in question megane Mk2 1.9dci 2005.
  9. Electronics
    Having a few issues with performance of my Espace 2003 1.9 DCI, with a lack of power, i was just wondering if problems like air flow meter, boost pressure sensors will cause the engine management light to come on? with the symptoms i have cleaned the top of the egr valve thinking this was the...
  10. Engines
    hi folks, on my trafic i have replaced the airflow meter egr valve and turbo boost senser, but it is still slow and smokey until the turbo kicks in 22k revs any ideas
  11. Electronics
    Hi All Had the car since June, its a 2010 Grand Scenic Priviledge 1.5 dci with 26k on the clock. Went out to the car this morning, all started fine but I have the dash set on blue, today it was white and the mpg,trip, avg consumption etc had also reset. I put everything back to where it was...
  12. Engines
    Hi all. I suspect I have problems with my EGR or air flow or both for laguna 1.9dci 120bhp. just wondering with both devices is it a case that they work perfectly or they are totally screwed. Can it be that there are varying conditions of how bad either can be such as half working. Could 2...
  13. Electronics
    hi to this so please bear with me. i have a 2008 grand scenic.when i start the car three beeps happen,the sign SERVICE comes on the dash,it stays on,i then check the trip readout and find the message."chec auto door locking",all doors ok but for the drivers side rear door,it willnot open...
  14. Tools & equipment
    Hi all What is the best OBD II meter to buy for Renault cars? I have Megane 3 dci (k9k), wih engine warning light showing cruise control fault, then injection system fault.
  15. Electronics
    Hello, I drive a 2009 Kangoo. My Speedometer is around 123.000 Klm. I just had a check up , but i cant reset the check up gage. It is now on 0 and the SERV light is on + the little wrench is blinking. I was told to turn the key and press the button on the windsheild lever for a few seconds, but...
  16. Engines
    Hi all I replaced my MAF in January and it has decided it doesn't want to work already. My car works fine when the MAF is unplugged from the engine electrics. Is it safe to run my engine with this unplugged until I receive the replacement part? Thank you Ian
  17. Electronics
    hi all... i have a 1.9tdi megane 04... went out 1 day and wont start.. got new battery... working fine for few days but we had a twight zone moment... when i tried to start car using the key the engine fired up fine but the boot opened independently! then next time i got in the trip metre reset...
  18. Electronics
    i have 2005 renalut clio < abs light not comes on when the ignition is switched on and the speed meter not working
  19. Electronics
    hi my friend renault scenic MAF is broken that what the garage said after testing it and disconnecting it So I was wondering if this kit is worth a try...
  20. Engines
    Hi guys,can anyone tell me where to find the airflow meter in my renualt laguna 1.6 16v 1998 pLs