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  1. Ask the Experts
    I removed the instrument panel to clean but after replacing the unit the button to change the mileage to the trip mileage and also to set the clock is now not working. Can anybody help????
  2. Electronics
    on my driver dashboard, 07 campus, its got the total mileage displayed in lcd, theres the sticking out reset button but i cant see a trip meter on the dash, all there is is the mileage going up. is there a way to change the lcd display, never owned a renault before,am i missing something...
  3. Engines
    I was driving last night and my vehicle just stopped working First the acceleration went, then the braking and then the steering seized Breakdown came out and tested battery saying all was well - even fitted a new one and the engine wouldn't fire enough to start The bizarre thing about the...
  4. Electronics
    Hi I have a 2007 Master 2.5 & the plug to the air flow meter has started to disolve! I have looked & cant find anywhere that can supply a replacement plug, can anyone point me in the righe direction please? Brian
  5. Brakes/Hubs
    I have a problem with my 2009 Grand Scenic III, 2.0 dCi, with automatic gear. Few days ago a had big brake down: Fault on display "Breaking fault - STOP", steering wheel is not working properly, speed meter is not working (I can not see my speed). Also, when I stop: parking brake is not...
  6. Electronics
    Hi All Had the car since June, its a 2010 Grand Scenic Priviledge 1.5 dci with 26k on the clock. Went out to the car this morning, all started fine but I have the dash set on blue, today it was white and the mpg,trip, avg consumption etc had also reset. I put everything back to where it was...
  7. Engines
    Hi all. I suspect I have problems with my EGR or air flow or both for laguna 1.9dci 120bhp. just wondering with both devices is it a case that they work perfectly or they are totally screwed. Can it be that there are varying conditions of how bad either can be such as half working. Could 2...
  8. Tools & equipment
    Hi all What is the best OBD II meter to buy for Renault cars? I have Megane 3 dci (k9k), wih engine warning light showing cruise control fault, then injection system fault.
  9. Electronics
    hi all... i have a 1.9tdi megane 04... went out 1 day and wont start.. got new battery... working fine for few days but we had a twight zone moment... when i tried to start car using the key the engine fired up fine but the boot opened independently! then next time i got in the trip metre reset...
  10. Electronics
    i have 2005 renalut clio < abs light not comes on when the ignition is switched on and the speed meter not working
  11. Electronics
    hi my friend renault scenic MAF is broken that what the garage said after testing it and disconnecting it So I was wondering if this kit is worth a try...
  12. Electronics
    hi all, my megane 2 speedo meter starting to play up, the car was off road for few month and after turning it on after a while, the right hand side of the speedo has two faults the rev counter is not calibrated, it stays on 0 when the car idels and should be on 1k the fuel gague is all the way...
  13. Engines
    hi i have a renault trafic 1.9 100bhp 2003 ive cleaned the egr valve and changed boost solenoid but the turbo doesnt kick in till about 2000rpm ive read it could be the airflow meter is this true if so where is the cheapest place to buy one thanks
  14. Electronics
    i have a 2004 scenic 1.5 dci ive just bought a air flow meter of a 2007 scenic will it work on the 2004 modal
  15. Heating & cooling
    Have a 2001 scenic dti. She loses power even on the smallest hill..... told to put a new air flow meter onto her, my problem is getting the old one off. Anyone got any ideas
  16. Electronics
    Hi all. From the get-go I should say that this isn't the most serious of issues ever - but whenever I switch on the ignition of my 2004 Scenic, the clock and trip meter reset themselves to zero. I'm not too worried about the trip meter, but I'm not sure what's more irritating.....having to...
  17. Engines
    hi i have a megane 54 plate dci 1.9 120bhp(more like 70 at the moment) th cars done 100k,engine done 25k,always been slow in my eyes since i bought it but recently it becam that the turbo wasn't cutting in, 1. no vacuum pipes are split 2.its not air flow meter,tried a new one on it 3.all...
  18. Engines
    does anybody know exactely how the air flow meter governs the output from the turbo? if indeed it does? I have a scenic with no power, pull off the air flow plug and away it goes. Changed the meter for a genuine Reno part, it lasted for about 500 METERS and then died again, making a terrific air...
1-18 of 23 Results