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  1. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, will be needing 3 new tyres shortly for my RX4, and wondered if any you peeps have any contacts in the Manchester Area where they can be fitted Cheep Cheep!! the best quote i got so far is from these guys Event Mobile Tyres Michelin 215/60 R16 [95H] Synchrone 4x4 £ 103.41...
  2. Wheels & tyres
    Costco (other stores are available!) are a Cash & Carry; they have tyre centres and only sell Michelins. I found the original Michelins to last far longer than the Pirellis I am running on. The Pirelli's are £140 each (they are a funny size) and most tyre places want c.£200 for Michelins! I...