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  1. Congrats Mike H025

    General Chat
    Congratulations Mike and thank you for your input you have given. 4 years today and hopefully many more to come. Stu
  2. Headlights help required please

    Hi everyone. I've just joined the forum. Seems like a great idea. I'm doing some work on my daughters 02 reg Clio at the moment and could do with some advice. Current issue is replacing the headlamp units. Do I have to take the bumper off (which I understand means wheels off, wheelarch liners...
  3. Mike Smith

    Hi. My Renault Laguna has an annoying habit of showing the ABS & Serv alarms. This seems to happen more often than not in warm weather. I have had the sensors checked & all were OK. Any ideas guys?
  4. hello i am Mike

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    as it says in the title :) been asked (by email) to introduce my self lol, so hello i am Mike from Newport (South Wales) aged 24.
  5. Mike 7165

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    Hi its my first time on the forum
  6. mike

    door open light stays on, on my renault kangoo
  7. new member grumpy mike

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    just a quick first and new post having problems with my 2004 tradic van and a friendly aa man sent me here
  8. hi from mike

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    Hi im Mike, im a decorator and my daily drive is my trusted trafic t1100d. Ive owned quite a few of these over the years but they are getting scarce now, ive owned lots of other commercials but having such a bad experiance with my last transit I actively sought out a trafic, ive run it for 12...
  9. Mike's Clio

    My mottah!
    This is my very first car slowly getting stuff done to it at the moment. Xenon Bulbs, Lexus Lights, Footwell lighting, replaced the standard stereo and speakers and pedals, got some clio decals of ebay, getting 40mm lowering springs and on the lookout for some new alloys.
  10. mike lloyd

    removal of megane 56 model air cleaner element behind battery?any ideas please
  11. mike

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all Very new to this forum so just to introduce myself really. Reside in Peterborough area, ex- South African, been in UK since 2001.:cool:
  12. Glow Plug / Ecu problem

    Hi i'm a newbie in need of advice please i have a scenic 1.9 dci 03 last of the mark2 shape it will not start the glow plug light does not come on i have tried a new glow plug relay & new glow plugs i'm now guessing it must be the ecu does anybody have any other ideas before i go the ecu route...
  13. Mike's Jolly's: Cork, Ireland.

    General Chat
    I am off to Cork on Thursday with my GF to see my Uncle. Should be good, might even nip to the Blarney:d My little sister and her BF are coming over to meet us on Friday, we are all staying there till Monday evening. I will post some pictures after I am back when i have got time. Anyone got...
  14. Mike's Sea Jolly's

    General Chat
    Here you go Tigz. I'll start with the one I put in your thread:devil: The bow of HMS Daring. 1x4.5"Gun and a silo to hold 48 Missiles: One of the remote operated 30mm Canons: A couple of GPMG's(General Purpose Machine Gun's):
  15. Mike's Jolly's, well.......

    General Chat
    .....Trials on the ship to be more precise, ha. I am mainly posting to let you all know as from Sunday/Monday I will be away for 2 weeks out at sea on trials. I will try and get some phots but not sure if we are allowed that much tbh. Just incase anyone wondered where I was hiding:d I might...
  16. Mike

    Hello Can anybody help me identify the problem I currently have with my scenic. While driving it loses power, the revs drop and after a shortwhile the power comes back again. Please help! Thanks Mike
  17. Welcome MIKE EASTWOOD

    Welcome to RenaultForums
  18. Welcoming New Members Part 1

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi razza, and welcome to RenaultForums We only launched the site today, so you are one of our very first members! Hope you enjoy your visit :)