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  1. 1500 mile trip x 2 in a kangoo, is this a bad idea?

    General Chat
    A few months back I bought my Kangoo, its a 1,9 Diesel from 2002, it's got (relatively?) low miles at 75k and everything seems to be running pretty smoothly on it. I was wondering wether people have any info as to what these are like on long distance drives? I am going to a festival in Croatia...
  2. 500 mile trip in a 2001 Clio

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I am just about to buy a 2001 Clio with 108000 miles on the clock. I am looking at taking it to the bottom of England, which is a 500 Mile trip for me, do you think it would make it there and back? I know you can only guess but you lot will know better than me! The car seems to be in...
  3. Laguna misfiring after 1 mile

    I have a 2001 Laguna 1.6 petrol and it starts well and runs perfectly for about 1 mile, the engine then splutters or misfires for about 5 seconds and then clears and runs fine. Any ideas what is causing it?
  4. Scenic 2 1.9 DCI 75000mile service

    Hey Renault gurus, I have a 1.9 DCI with 75000 miles on it. I need to service her this weekend, but I can't seem to find the service details. I did the previous service myself which was the oil, oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, diesel filter. But can anybody give me a detailed breakdown...
  5. Clio needs new engine after 28000 mile

    I am in a bit of a conflict with renault at the minute, I bought my renault clio in feb 2012 as a used car with 18000 miles on the clock, its an 09 plate. I have full renault service history and have done all that renault have asked of me as a renault customer, I was recently driving when the...
  6. Scenic 07, reg 39500 mile, Rattling/knocking from engine

    Please could someone point me in the right direction ? My Scenic auto 07 reg 39500 miles on clock... Has suddenly started a Rattle/knocking from under the bonnet no idea what it is ?? its there when you start and there when driving but doesn't seem to get any faster or slower please can some one...
  7. battery drined after 50 mile trip

    hi everyone just joined today but not just to fix my problem .. bought this car from ebay chap said drives nice . ok went to pick up non start battery flat. imoblliser fuse gone replaced put on jump leads started . took leads off tuned off engine paid got in car no power to turn over restared...
  8. 3100 mile Charity Run (yes RUN - using LEGS!)

    General Chat
    I received the following email from one of my work colleagues today... Check out his blog and buy a T shirt!:d Thanks Richard
  9. 1 Million Mile Chevy

  10. A Renault Laguna, a 20 mile sea crossing & World Record H4H

    General Chat
    Thought you guys might be interested in this successful world record by our crew raising money for Help For Heroes. Wanted also to say thanks to all the guys here who have donated money to our charity and also for all the advice given. I know there were some sceptics :cool: Anyway the video is...
  11. Renault Clio 2 - 18k Service Info

    Cars & motoring
    what parts are changed on a 18,000 miles service
  12. 4000 mile Spanish tune up

    Cars & motoring
    The trip to Granada and Seville went by without fault - apart from a meeting with a tree in the Alhambra car park :loser: And after 4000 miles at an average of 60mph (vmax 120 in a high speed dual with a black clio in glorious rolling siera nevada country :rolleyes: ) she's running sweeeeeet :d...
  13. ST's 1000 mile report on his new C4 Picasso

    My mottah!
    We have had the C4P for just over 3 weeks now and have also just gone through the 1000 mile barrier. Still can't believe how quiet the engine/car is - it is quite easy to do 80mph when not in cruise control (that's the beauty of cruise control - no danger of speeding) and not realise because...
  14. 36,000 mile service

    Cars & motoring
    My 36k service is due, plus the car's 4 years old, which probably means I need Brake and Coolant fluid changes as well. Although I can do most of the things on the sevice, I'd decided a while back to take it to a reputable garage (maybe Riverside in Stockport, as I've seen they're recommended...
  15. why would an 11,000 mile car sell for £6000

    Cars & motoring
    I've always lusted after a vel satis, and having done an idle trawl on autotrader, found a 3.5 auto in sheffield. 11,000 on the clock, £6400, according to the dealer's website. Is this standard? If so, I can see me trying to talk hubby into it.
  16. mile to empty!

    still have problem with my 03 scenic!all computer displays work fine except the miles to empty.just get a flashing set of-----!anyone have a possible cure or cause of fault.thanks.kevin.
  17. mile clock

    Cars & motoring
    hi not sure if this is the correct place to ask this but, my girlfriend yesterday passed her test and brought a 99 clio, but we have realised that the speedo isnt working, miles are not clocking and the horn doesnt work, can any body help me please in wat i need to do or let me no whether or not...
  18. Whoops 20,000 mile

    Cars & motoring
    Whoops a quote from Here Servicing Surely such high technology, performance and great fuel economy must mean more servicing? No. Vauxhall's new common rail diesel engines require the same 20,000-miles/one year service intervals as the petrol engines. I wonder if they anticipate any turbo...
  19. 35,000 mile service

    Cars & motoring
    I have an 02 Megane 1.4 petrol which is due for its 35,000 mile service. Is it worth going to a main dealer or is it just overpriced. Are they any benefits going to a main dealer or just a privately owned place. How much does it cost. Regards
  20. 18000 mile sevice

    Cars & motoring
    My 18000 miles sevice was due 2 months ago but never had the cash, i also have a faulty temp gauge back windo wont shut sometimes,and rear window wiper slips from glass onto bodywork my manufacturers warrenty runs out in march so was going to get service and repairs done at same time. I was...