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  1. 1.5 dCi 2005 Kangoo - Starting Issue but doing the miles!

    Hello all, Sorry that my first post is a request for help! I have been doing my nut in trying to work out what is wrong with our 55 plate Kangoo as it's struggling to start. I have looked at the sticky thread created by the user Coventry but other than the leak-off test everything seems OK...
  2. EGR blanked turbo loses whoosh 1000 miles later.

    Had lots of interesting advice and discussion on blanking egr,when I posted as pisces63 (forgot password) Finally decided to do it,but body of egr valve broke on trying to remove,so left in place,however egr pipe broke several thousand miles later,and the studs holding the egr pipe...
  3. Skoda Octavia engine opened up, 432.000 miles

    A Skoda Octavia engine opened up after 432.000 miles and what it looks like. Some doubt about the mileage as it looks rather nice for it's age. Didn't find a Renault equivalent yet.. If somebody has one, let me know See 2:50 , inside the EGR / oil and carbon buildup Camshaft on 3:55 8:10...
  4. 2014 grand scenic 1.5 dci with only ~15000 miles on clock multiple injector failure

    Hi all, New to this forum. Hoping someome can shed some light on what i should do with my car. I bought this car brand new with delivery miles on clock. 4 days out of warranty, cylinder 1 injector went. Since it was serviced and maintained regularly by renault, renault customer support offered...
  5. Rattle in Drivers Door over 68 miles

    Ask the Experts
    Hello I have purchased a brand new Renault Urban Clio in March this year and there is a rattle in the drivers side door when doing over 68 miles. The car has been back once and they proof sounded the dash as they thought the noise was coming from there even though I informed the engineers it...
  6. Laguna 3 18 inch Celsium or Mille Miles alloys

    As per the title, I am after a set of 4 18 inch Celsium or Mille Miles alloys for a Laguna 3.
  7. Low miles, High years timing belt change

    I have a 2011 Renault modus 1.5dci, I've had it from new. It's only done 30k miles. Should I change the timing belt? If so Should I change the water pump and tensioner as well.? I believe the timing belt should be changed as it has aged but I think the Tensioner and water pump can do another...
  8. High oil consumption (10 litres in 1000 miles)

    Hi, Im new to the Renault scene and recently got a 2005 1.5dci grand scenic now I love the car and it drives really well but ive put nearly 10 litres of oil in it within 1000 miles, now its not leaking out anywhere and the turbo got replaced just before I bought it and its not puffing out loads...
  9. Megane renaultsport 225 65825 miles £3000

    For sale
    Renault sport Megane 225, completely standard apart from aftermarket head unit professionally fitted. I have only owned the car for a few months but have to sell as I have recently been promoted and been given a brand new company car. Car comes with all the usual Renault sport extras, air...
  10. Stop light coming on every 10 miles

    I purchased my car 4 months ago and from the 2nd week the STOP light comes on after every 10 miles. If i shut off the engine and start the car, it disappears and then comes on again after another 10 or so miles. i had a diagnostics check and was told whilst its likely its something to do with...
  11. Buying First Clio - Ruff Engine? (20,000 Miles)

    General Chat
    2007 / 20,371 miles / Hatchback / Manual / 1.4L / Petrol One owner from new Comes with free service Free 12 months MOT 3 months AA Parts & Labour Warrenty Last services at 15,743 miles service history The car is generally in good condition, I can't really fault the bodywork and interior...
  12. New clutch slipping after 17k miles espace 2.2dci

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help me.... about 2 years ago I had the clutch replaced at 99000 miles - not because it was worn out or slipping, but because the DMF had failed. I posted the below thread about my decision to swap to solid flywheel arrangement...
  13. EGR cleaning worth it on 55k miles?

    Hello, I have started to do alot my miles on my 2011 clio 1.5DCI now that I have a new job which is a 60mile round commute pretty much all motorway driving. Going to get it serviced next month by and I am wondering if its worth getting the EGR cleaned as preventative maintenance? cheers
  14. 2011 2.0 115 Trafic SL27 S/A Crew cab £8750 42k miles! *** SOLD ***

    For sale
    Photos on ebay: Renault Trafic SL27 dCi Semi Auto Sat Nav Crew Double Cab 2011 **NO VAT** 42k | eBay I'll be up front, has offered me £7900 I want £8750 no VAT / VAT included. My new estate car arrives very, very soon. This is not your usual 120k plus...
  15. Modus 2004 1.6L stops after 6/7 miles

    Hi, my wife recently got a modus, and we found that after 6 miles plus, it just shuts off. It's always happened when we've had to stop at lights though. It'll go off for a few minutes, radio etc will still work but it just won't start. I was wondering if anyone on here can help?
  16. Fuel tank empty when gauge just in red area, computer says 60 miles left

    I've just bought a Laguna 2 and the other day it cut out on me with the message "Injection fault switch off engine" and refusing to start back up, it had happened before a couple of times, but it started straight back up - I have since learned that this was caused by it having no fuel, despite...
  17. Clio Campus 07 - Low MPG

    Hello, I currently drive a clio campus i-music sport 2007 1.2l 16v. I've looked online and most people who have the same cars get about 45mpg and also most websites say it should be capable of doing 47mpg however the max I've had was 34mpg which is big difference to what other people are getting...
  18. Miles or Kilometres ?

    .....Or do we need Sherlock Holmes ? 1) Megane Dci 106 hp 2007 clock registered milage = 102,517 2) Clip Diagnostic sheet registered Milage = 164,951 Someone said that French cars have their ECU records stored in Kilometres (Citroen) It would almost seem correct (102.517 Km = 164.985...
  19. Scenic Mk3 1.5 dci 2010 71k miles smoke in the mornin

    Hello. I have a question to all scenic mk3 users. Need to compare with other people about cold start. My scenic smokes for few seconds with white/tiny blue smoke in the morning. Smells also strange. Sometimes smoking more sometimes less but only for max 10 seconds. At night smokes during...
  20. average miles reset

    hi, dont know if this is to do with electronics but maybe someone can help...we have just bought a reault laguna estate, 2005 1.9 dci..and my husband would like to reset the average miles per gallon this possible and how do we do it...xx