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  1. Throttle with a mind of its own

    1999 Megane Cabriolet 1.6E...... Throttle revs the car on its own....Sometimes revs up to 4000 rpm when foot off the accelerator,,,sometimes tickover drops and car stalls...... Tried a couple of diagnostics but neither worked as car is just before OBD changed.....Was offered a scanner that...
  2. Cruise Control : Twingo : Mind of its own.

    I have a glitchy CC on my 2013 1.5D Twingo. It is so that the CC only reacts to input when the steering wheel is at ~nine o'clock. As you can imagine that draws some attention on the road when I try and get it to work, people think I am having spasms behind the wheel. It startet last winter...
  3. Thought you might enjoy this ,musis a bit naff mind you !

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  4. Never mind the technology......

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    Never mind the technology I'd just love one of these with a polluting transverse petrol engine in the boot (Lotus type etc) ....... I think the styling is awesome !!! :drool::drool::drool...
  5. HEEELLLPPP window has mind of its own

    Hi all, my drivers side window goes down on its own seems to happen when i brake,indicate,wipers,on. as soon as i switch something on the bleeding thing opens,,,,,,,,its driving me mad, hope someone can help...
  6. Lights have a mind of their own

    Please can anyone advise as to why my lights are playing up on my 2003 Megane Convertible? A few months ago the dash light went off randomly then the dipped beam started to go off randomly and I have just found out the fog lights don't work at all, any ideas? Many thanks in advance :)
  7. Kangoo 2006 Radio mind of its' own

    The car was serviced and the tailgate switch removed (the interior light stayed on) awaiting fitting a replacement at a later date. Now the radio exhibits a mix of the following; 1. Turn off the radio, lock the car and the radio turns back on. 2. Turn off the radio, it turns itself back on...
  8. Clio 1.5dci Injector Problem - im losing my mind!!

    hello all. i have a 2001 1.5 dci 65 clio. The wee squiggly light, glow plug warning light stays on all the time and the car runs like an absolute dog. low power, hard to start and shuddering badly in idle. I got the code read fault with injector 1 maximum something reached I think. so i...
  9. Revs on my Laguna 2.0 petrol seem to have a mind of their own on idle..

    I've recently bought a Laguna mk2 2003 2.0 16v petrol, but I'm having a few problems with it, I did buy it cheap though so not all bad! The revs seem to drop slower than I'd like when changing between 1st and 2nd gear and when I come to a complete stop, they drop to 600 or so before rising to...
  10. Megane II rear passenger door won't open from inside, plus window has mind of its own

    Hi, My megane started beeping 3 times when I start the engine. I looked it up and it means there is a problem with the child locks. Sure enough, I tested the child lock switch and the light didn't come on. Now, the passenger side rear door won't open at all from the inside - only from the...
  11. Drivers Window with mind of its own

    Hi, I have a dynamique 1.6vvt 2004 Recently, the drivers side window has started playing up. If i start the car, with the ignition on (but engine OFF)....the drivers window (and all the windows) can be controlled as normal. (with the little 4 switch panel on the drivers side door). However...
  12. Aaarrgghh going out of my mind!!!

    I have an Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 Dci 106BHP, which is lacking in power especially up hills. It's had a new EGR valve, MAF sensor after MAF sensor it seemed loads better then 2 weeks later seems to be returning back to its old ways. Anyone any ideas??? Mandi Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. steering got a mind of its own

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi i have a 51 plate laguna 2 when a accelerate it pulls to the left and to the right when i take my foot off its like the steering is loose. I had the tracking done yesterday and a new tyer but it feels worse when i accelerate just driving normally i have to compensate by turning slighty right...
  14. Would 1.9dCI owners mind checking what battery theyve got?

    Im still having jip with starting on my RX4, although I havent made it to my starter yet to check the wiring, before i do that I want to check the battery is right. TTT on the forum kindly checked battery listings which recommended a 670cca battery for the car but the one my local factors gave...
  15. Megane II fuel guage can't make its mind up!

    I have a Megane II (2003, 1.4 16v) whose fuel guage has become... indecisive! I filled up with fuel at the weekend and the guage showed 3/4 full (bit odd as the pump clicked off suggesting tank was full), then drove 30 miles and the guage was 1/4 full. Stopped, checked for fuel gushing out...
  16. Window has a mind of its own!!!! Clio Dynamique (52 Reg)

    Good afternoon, This actually started with the rear demister, it started coming on sporadically (May) & has ended up coming on every time I start the ignition & can't be switched off. The drivers window had not worked since December but in August suddenly wound itself down on its own! It then...
  17. fan has mind of its own

    Hi, I have a 52 plate Espace 2.2 dci, The Race.I have been having intermittent problems with the Fans (demisters) all the lights light up on the digital display unit to the right of the steering wheel when pressed but the fan speed does not change , all the air flow direction change work such as...
  18. Please help losing my mind

    hi peeps i was wiring my reverse sensor up on my mk2 megane 06 plate 1.4 16v dynamique and forgot that the reverse lights was active as the were out when i was putting the wires from the reverse sensors to the metal circuit where the bulbs go to power on the box to make the sensors work and poof...
  19. Radio has a mind of it's own

    Hi, I purchased my first Renault yesterday after years of driving only German cars. So far, ok. Only thing is the radio keeps turning off. It plays for about 20-30 minutes, beeps and then turns off. Any ideas what this could be? It's a 2002 Megane Coupe.
  20. Window washers with a mind of their own!

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    If I operate the front window washers the rear one operates as well. If I operate the rear the front ones operate!! I assume there is a value at fault somewhere any ideas?:confused: Thanks