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  1. Wing mirrors

    Ask the Experts
    I have just bought a Renault Clio 0.9tce iconic,Can anyone tell me if the wing mirrors fold in using the remote or any other way.
  2. Laguna 2 Front Windows, Folding/Heated Mirrors not working

    I came back from holiday with the car not having moved for 8 days or so and neither front window nor the folding mechanism of the wing mirrors nor the electric adjustment of them work. I have taken the door card off and investigated and when I took the 29 pin connector (I counted them) off the...
  3. Mirrors

    Hi can anybody help came back to my Megan gt line and it didn't let me in even when I press the button on the key fob. Got in by using the key on the passenger side. Ever since the folding mirrors won't fold back thanks in advance
  4. Clio IV ph1 - Heated mirrors and rear window demister not working / UCH BSI swap

    Hello, I bought a 2012 Clio IV and I have problems with heated mirrors and rear window defogger. I checked the fuses and voltage on both mirrors and rear window - 0.00V. I swapped the relays but it didn't help either so I decided to leave my car in Auto Electrician. He said that he...
  5. Vel Satis moving mirrors at the start

    Hi forum! I recently brought a true gem my Vel Satis 04 3.5 v6. Almost zero issues with the car and one is the mirrors. So, every time I start the car an srart driving mirrors gor in a position that I can only see the bottom of the road. It is annoying and a little dangerous if I don't set them...
  6. Convert Laguna Mk2 to Power Folding Mirrors

    Hello, Does anyone know if it's possible to convert from power adjustable mirrors over to power folding mirrors? What do I need? I know I need the mirrors and the switch. But are they plug and play, different looms, programming required etc?
  7. Renault Grand Modus mirrors?

    General Chat
    Hello, Anyone know if any of the MK2 Grand modus models have electric folding mirrors? mine doesn't but I would like to fit some, I forget sometimes to fold the mirrors in and have had a couple broken off :rolleyes: If there are modus models with electric folding mirrors I will start trawling...
  8. front windows and mirrors wont work

    Hi I've got a 1.9 dci laguna 2 estate , while I was away the battery ran flat. I've changed the battery but now the drivers window wont come down and there's no sound coming from the motor. The passenger front window came down on its own and wont go back up no sound on motor and the mirrors wont...
  9. Problems With The Folding Mirrors

    Hi, We bought our first Renault last Saturday. It is a Kadjar Signature Nav 16 plate. For the first couple of days the wing mirrors folded in when you press the button now today they fold in and go straight out again. Just wondering if we've done something wrong or there is a fault? Thanks
  10. Wing mirrors / Radio not working on 52 Megane

    I have been reading the threads on what appears to be a common problem 52/53 model of Megane's. The wing mirrors and radio have stopped working following replacement of a faulty mirror control. The blogs seem to stop around 2002 with no solution being found. I have done all the checks...
  11. Door Mirrors

    Hi Guy's I have a Megan111 14 reg Knight Edition. The Door Mirrors no longer turn in when the Car is Locked. I can adjust them But they no longer turn in. So I thought first check the Fuse. My Car as the B (fig) Fuse box, The Fuse for the mirrors is 15 I think. THE QUESTION IS HOW DO I...
  12. Renault megane 2009 electronic mirrors

    Hi , ive just purchased my new renault megane, when i went to view it the electronic mirrors were working fine. When ive got home ive locked the car and the mirrors no longer fold in! Can any one help me please?
  13. Electric windows and mirrors info wanted

    Hi all again:) I want to fit electric windows to my 2005 van. I take it I just need the mech with motor. Door loom and door panels with switches. On my dash above the foot pedals is a place where the electric mirror switch would be. I removed the fascia panel and can see 2 redundant plugs So...
  14. Renault Megane Tourer Folding mirrors question

    I recently bought a Megane Tourer i music 2010. This might sound like a silly question but how do the mirrors fold in ?
  15. Megane II - electric mirrors not adjusting **Fixed**

    I have a 2007 Renault Megane II Dynamique. In April of this year, I had the OSF window regulator and wiring loom replaced. Everything was working fine. Later that month, I had an MOT performed at a local National Tyres centre. The person performing the MOT managed to snap the knob off of the...
  16. Electric folding door mirrors on clio 197

    Hi, I have a clio 197 with factory fitted electric folding door mirrors (optional extra) and since i changed the car battery they do not open/close automatically but only open/ close manually via turning the mirror knob to the six o'clock position. I have contacted Renault who could not offer...
  17. Cruise control and Door Mirrors

    So I am the proud owner of a 2007 1.6 Megane CC. The only downside is that the Cruise control and the door mirrors are not working. The CC light, comes on as orange when starting the car, but toggling the button does nothing. (no messages etc) The mirrors just plain refuse to move, with no...
  18. kangoo heated mirrors

    I am thinking about buying heated mirror glass and wiring it to the rear windscreen heater switch,is this a good idea?
  19. Clio mk3 2007 heated wing mirrors help

    Hi Ok I'm thinking my car has heated mirrors but I'm not sure if they're working. I got to the fuse for them in fuse section left side of steering wheel (see my fuses discussion for info on that!) but couldn't tell if it was ok or even if it controls heated mirrors - maybe just the electric...
  20. 2007 Renault Laguna Sport Tourer Wing Mirrors

    hi, I have a 2007 Renault Laguna Sport Tourer Privilege 1995CC which has a broken electric wing mirror. I have been offered some RENAULT LAGUNA MK2 2003 (hatchback) electric wing mirrors. (I can't try to fit them as they need to be posted to me) Can anyone tell me whether these will fit my...