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  1. megane scenic misfire/ running on 3 cylinders!

    Hi all, i'm new to these forums and appreciate any help i receive. I have a 1999 t reg megane scenic 1.6 petrol. The problem is that the car starts on what appears to be all 4 cylinders and as the rev counter slowly moves back down and seems to develop a misfire on the no. 3 cylinder. I first...
  2. Intermittant misfire/ overfuelling fault 2.0 16v scenic RX4

    Hi there, first vist for me, looking for some help as my local mechanic is struggling to find the fault. Bought a 2nd hand Scenic RX4 2.0 16v (2000) in November, which seems to have an overfuelling fault which coincides with a misfire, leading to 2 breakdowns so far!!! Runs fine normally...