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  1. High idle,, missing breather maybe. Failed emissions

    General Chat
    Anyone know what's meant to go here, (top right of engine 1.8)
  2. Air vent tabs missing

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I need 2 tabs for my 2016 Megane. Probably the same part on a wide range of models. Renault Australia and breakers want to sell me entire vent assembly for $100's. Anyone able to help? Thanks
  3. Missing vacuum hose?

    Just spotted what appears to be a missing / broken pipe coming off the vacuum pump on 1.5 dci Kangoo - where should that smaller second connection be connected to?
  4. Megane mk1 missing

    Hi, I have a megane mk1 02 plate. When going up hill the car starts to lose power/miss. This also happens now and again when drivers on flat roads. I have changed coil 1 and 3 in the last 6 weeks. But this problem has fo worse since then. Could it be that coil 2 and 4 are faulty? Any ideas why...
  5. Missing air intake and unknown part

    Hi All, I recently purchased a clio mk3 1.4 petrol for my son and i noticed that the air intake pipe that goes from the front grill to the filter box is missing. When looking at pictures on the web there is also two holes on top of the pipe that i guess something goes onto it. On the...
  6. Electrics, something missing

    Hi All, I have Kangoo van 1.5dti 2004 and whilst it runs, it is very slow. It would appear that someone has butchered the engine at some time, ie, engine guard missing, no air filter pipe, diesel pipes going all over the place and electrical sockets,,,, sadly with no plugs in them. This is my...
  7. Is something missing here?

    In the photo below, should there be a pipe or something connected? If so, what's it for and where does the pipe go to? I have a Master II 2.2DCI engine but nothing is connected to this part. When the engine is running,smoke appears from this hole and gets quite smoggy in the bay.
  8. Scenic II 1.9dci missing vacuum line....stumped

    Hi all. Couple of things... So I got his 2004 Grand Scenic II with the big 1.9 diesel recently. Previous owner had been mucking about with the EGR and I had to clean that up and reassemble as well as removing a clog from the breather line going down into the engine..the narrower one below the...
  9. Missing lighting equipment

    Ask the Experts
    Good afternoon Renault Forums, My first post, however, I suspect not my last. Does anyone in the trade or otherwise know why my second user 2016 Megane Sport Tourer LIMITED 1.6 dci should have been delivered without puddle lights or floor lights, these are standard on lesser spec models? Would...
  10. is something missing from my throttle body? - Clio 2 8valve 1.2 2002

    hi all, just bought a Clio 2 2002 8v 1.2 (for my sinsn :) ) Just looking at the throttle body today and is there anything missing at the back of it, it just looks like something should be there and there is a little screw/bolt sticking out. You should see what I am on about with this pic Thanks:
  11. Pollen Filter missing

    Heating & cooling
    Can someone confirm that there is definitely no pollen filter compartment for a 1999 Megane Coupe 1.6 My car handbook and the Haynes service and repair manual, indicate that this is located in the engine compartment. Open hood, then remove air intake vent and pollen filter cover should be...
  12. Laguna III - VIN Missing on ECU

    I have a handheld OBD tool, and every single device I use cannot find the VIN number on the ECU. Im just wondering if this is normal? Thanks Simon
  13. Clio 3. Missing wires for dashboard tweeters

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all Wanting to improve the sound in my Clio 3 from 2012 Ipurchased a set of Pioneer TS-Q131C(Component set with tweeter for theDashboard). When removing the tweeter covers in the dashboard, I wasexpecting/hoping to find the wires already in place so all I needed to do wasconnect the plug to...
  14. Sat Nav Lcd - missing lines on display screen

    09 G Espace. Bought with sat nav That has vertical lines across screen, still navigable with it. Bought 2nd hand screen, that was sold ***8216;tried & tested***8217; but lines still showing. Looks like issue is elsewhere, but where would elsewhere be, the CD itself ? ?, the disc reader ? ? Any...
  15. Kangoo van towbar wiring ~ missing perm 12v

    Hi, I have a kangoo van 2011. I have bought and fitted a tow bar with no issues. I have feed the electrics cable into the area of the rear nearside light cluster to pick up most of the required signals for my bypass relay. The problem I have is finding a 'permanent' (ie when ignition is on) 12v...
  16. Missing indications on dashboard screen (megane 2)

    Hi,I am two months now owner of a Megane estate 2007 and trying to solve several issues.A minor one is that after disassemblinhg the speedo panel in order to fix the disturbing noise of the dashboard (succeed using ptfe lubricant) I noticed that there are missing indications of tyre pressure and...
  17. What is this? Am I missing some part?

    I have a Laguna 1 k4m720 engine. And I noticed something. It looks a part is missing. Can someone tell me what is this? It has an narrow end where some kind of hose should connect and a wider end where some sensor should be Trimis de pe al meu Nexus 5 folosind Tapatalk
  18. Clio MkII resistor pack "missing"

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All Wifey has a '53 Clio MkII 1.2 Expression 16v with AirCon. The heater fan has stopped working on all speeds. I searched the interweb and found where the resistor pack is located. So, armed with a screwdriver and a piece of wire, I took the driver side plastic fascia off between the...
  19. Fuel return line missing? Megane II 1.6 16v

    Hi, I went for a MOT test and they found the leakage around fuel tank. The fuel is coming from top of the tank. So I checked fuel pump. I found fuel tank pic and I am not sure if all lines is connected alright. "C" pipe ends after 20cm. Water separator? "A" and "D" comes from the front of the...
  20. Missing MAF Connection and slow accelaration? Clio DCI 2005

    Hi Guys, I am new here and could not find the answer in the forum to this missing sensor connection plus some engine issue with my clio 1.5 dci 2005 diesel manual 117k. Please find attached image where I have shown an electric connection in a red circle near the air filter box, this...