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  1. Engines
    Hi, I clean my tdc sensor and put it back but my clio still won't start it turns over but it won't fire up! Any help please?
  2. Ren Parts
    Renault espace 2002 mk111 - xenon drivers side headlight unit required
  3. Electronics
    Hi Guys Ive blown the fuse for the lighter socket hand book says fuse 19 I counted fused do not have 19 in dash box but see two 15 amp fuses high up on right hand side do not see away of getting to them any ideas Ron
  4. Heating & cooling
    Hi I have a 2002 mk111 auto petrol with FR4 engine. I have noticed temp gauge goes to 4 bars before the engine has warmed up to operating temp. This does seem to be triggering a code to gearbox and is more likely to go into LIMP MODE than not. If I safely stop car and engine and restart the limp...
  5. In-car entertainment
    I have a problem with the radio on my Scenic. The tom-tom works fine but the radio won't turn on. The radio accepted a CD but wont now eject it and there is no radio information displayed. I can't turn the tom-tom off using the on/off with on the radio but everything else on the tom-tom...
  6. Engines
    I would like to know if anybody can help me with the mark that my car is. It's an S reg. Clio rt 1.4 1998. I would say it's a MK2 and then one MK2 isn't the same as the other. It would help when buying parts. Thanks
  7. Transmissions
    Hi Everybody I am hoping someone can help or advise. Apologies if this seems long, bought a 2002 mk111 espace automatic 2.0 16v with 78000 on the clock the problem i have is the auto gox side of things-if you pull away slowly the box changes up perfectly and drives perfect as well if you try to...
  8. Engines
    changing a compressor and radiator on grand espace mk111 2.2dci 1997
  9. General tuning
    hi i need some helpful info,i have a 2 month old 197 and it has a tendancy to play up. 1 day i can get into it, let it warm up and it performs great all through the gears,and another day it perform like a dog,its so hit and miss not sure why,its had no mods or remap,just wonder if anybody had...
  10. Tools & equipment
    Just wanting to double-check before spending my hard-earned. Will the Laser 1314 tool (like they sell in Halfords amongst others) be the right tool to wind back the rear caliper on the Espace Mk111? It's the Brembo caliper I believe. Looks like the nu Also: Ebay link. Apologies if it's...
  11. Engines
    Can anyone tell me if a mk111 espace is cabel or hydrolic. dont seem to get a streight answer. Thanks
  12. General Chat
    I have been desperately been seeking a MK111 Renault Espace Manual 1997-2002 and have now found one which available here free to download and print. It's very clear, detailed and consists of 233 pages, the trouble is it's all in French. I hope it will be of use to many of you but more than that...
  13. Engines
    Hello newbie here. Can anyone tell me how to remove/replace the cambelt tensioner on a Mark111 Espace 2.2dt (1997). I've got the cambelt off & undone the central nut on the tensioner but it can't slide off the mounting stud due to the lack of clearance around the engine. I have looked at...