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  1. Interiors
    Hello everyone, Posting on behalf of my father, he has a Renault Megane Dynamique convertible and has the dreaded airbag light. Diagnostic has been done and the seat position sensor was found to be heavily damaged - the plastic head/clip is totally broken. We have been given the advice to...
  2. Megane
    Hi, Long time listener, first time caller. I recently bought a Megane CC MK 2. The parcel shelf wasn’t dropping down. I noticed that the metal half circle thing that the cable is connected to, was turned upsidedown, so it wouldn’t allow me to manually push the the shelf down. I managed to turn...
  3. Engines
    Hello all Wonder if any of you technical chaps could advise on this issue please? I recently replace brakes all round and gave the van full service, (inc fuel filter) had two blobs of fuel in the the van. Took it out for a drive and brimmed the fuel tank... on the journey back, after making a...
  4. Megane
    Has anyone on here got the same model as me with a sunroof? Reanult have this recall "There is a risk of a weakening overtime of the rear roof spoiler mountings. As a result, the spoiler may fall off the vehicle during high speed driving." My car has been into renault city motors in bristol...
  5. Clio
    Hi, I have a mk2 clio and I looked around on the web and found a place that sells timingbelt kits for cheap but they are for the D4F-722 and i have a D4F-712, are there any differences or does it fit?:rolleyes:
  6. Engines
    Firstly guys this forum is amazing and altough I'm new I've been finding articles from years ago useful and for that I thank you. This issue I've put on here is because I have a feeling this won't be bespoke to me. Hopefully if I can get it fixed it will help others as I'm a family man and need...
  7. Engines
    Hi everyone. I'm new to forums so if I'm breaking any rules please let me know. I have a 2003 Renault Laguna MK2. One of the most reliable motors I have owned. I need to drain the fuel tank but don't know the best way. I assume there is a non return valve in the tank so a simple hose and...
  8. Engines
    Dear All, Apologies upfront if this has been addressed; didn't find something exactly matching this query. In the process of repairing a leaky injector, and found that the geniuses who did the head gasket replacement have messed up the job by a) not installing the spacers underneath the clamp...
  9. Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I'm wondering/dreading what this might be... Driving somewhere local today (in the pouring rain) I put the fan on full blast to clear the windscreen. I then noticed the stop and engine management lights come on. They then went off briefly then came back on a bit before going off...
  10. Engines
    Hi I replaced my timing belt, tensioners and water pump and serpentine belt a couple of days ago and today I noticed that when parked on idle and I slightly touch the accelerator i get a rattle noise, when driving i can hear this but mainly on lower gears and when reversing, turning etc. Could...
  11. Electronics
    I have checked fuse and bulbs. There is voltage on the purple wire that goes to the tow bar (when I turn on the fog lights). But no voltage on the rear fog light bulbs. Any tips? See
  12. Engines
    Would it be worth having a carbon clean done on my 16 yr old clio its a petrol and has 127k on clock
  13. Ask the Experts
    Hi My rear window heater (defroster) and heated wing mirror (both sides) stopped working (defrosting) when pressing console switch it lights up checked fuses in glove box all appear ok could it be a relay ? everything else in car works ok Thanks
  14. Exhausts
    Hi all, I had an advisory last year for the rear exhaust mount so have been looking to replace it. The garage advised they're a bit expensive, around £20 so did a workaround to save me a few quid. I want to ensure I'm getting the right part and can see some square types on eBay for under a...
  15. Electronics
    Hi all, probably a silly question but I'm not sure what the correct size blades are for the front windscreen of my mk2 2001 clio dCi. I know the rear one is 12 inches but I'm seeing twin packs sold online which comprise 21 inches for both or 21 inches for driver and 18 inches for passenger...
  16. Ask the Experts
    When pressing the brake pedal the car will turn over but won't start After about 5 attempts it will fire I also got an error of check air bag and abs has anyone come across this before or has any suggestions. I am thinking it might be a brake switch/sensor
  17. Engines
    My clio is now on 126k, I replaced the cam belt at 70k but have not replaced the drive belt, would it be advisable to replace the drive beltbtensioner when changing drive belt?
  18. Ask the Experts
    The car is due an mot (23/5/19), i have given it a look over , checked under the car and spotted a wet patch near to the fuel tank , it isn***8217;t fuel or brake fluid but acidic in taste as anyone got an idea what it maybe, the car runs fine stops as it should so no problem in that sense...
1-18 of 500 Results