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  1. Clio MkIII slight knock noises on uneven surfaces

    Steering and Suspension
    hi 2012 Clio 3 tce It's started sounding a bit "knocky" on uneven surfaces, also I can detect a tiny (just perceptible) amount of play in the O/S wheel when the car is sitting and I rock the O/S wheel top to bottom. (grab top of wheel and push/pull) I can't detect any play in N/S - I assume...
  2. 2011 Grand Scenic 1.5dci interior lights

    Hi All, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Help needed please ........ I have 3 rows of interior lights, when I open drivers door the 2 rear lights illuminate but the one above driver does not, If I change the switch position the light manually switches on... so to me the door switch is...
  3. Clio MKIII 1.6 GT VVT 2009 - Catalytic Converter Issue

    Hi All, At my whits end here so thought I would post a thread to see if anyone has had this problem/has a solution. Basically my MkIII Clio has failed it's emissions test due to a faulty catalytic convertor, I was told that the garage can get me one but obviously they tend to be pricey, after...
  4. At my whits end - 55 plate MKIII Clio 1.6 not starting

    Hi guys and girls. I have looked through your existing help data but not found what I would call my problem. About a week ago I could not start the car after a short trip. Luckily I friendly breakdown guy helped me, just squirted some cold start spray into the inlet valve thingy and it started...
  5. DF046 Renault Clio 1.2 16V MKIII

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Good Morning, Firstly a big hello to all members on this great forum. Have what appears to be an underlying problem with Clio mkIII 1.2 16v 2007 DTC DF046 After clearing DTC it appears at ignition on every time, without starting engine, eventually, I say this as it may happen next time...
  6. Clio MkIII wiper problem

    So... End of Feb I had the problem with the wipers only working on fast. Stripped down and found the motor had been submerged due to blocked up drain holes (lots of good info on the forums for this). Bought a new motor off ebay and replaced then all was working fine until last week when the...
  7. Would mkIII discs/pads fit a mkII

    Hi folks, bit of a long shot and i fear i know the answer but i have a new set of front discs and pads for a Laguna mkIII 2.0DCI 130bhp, would this fit a mkII 1.9DCI 120bhp please?
  8. Scenic mkIII 2014 radio sound issues

    Hi all Problem with the wife***8217;s scenic 2014 All of a sudden we have intermittent sound on all four speakers , rear speakers are affected but the front are not working at all now . So I have checked the fader/balance and that is fine I have checked the plugs to the speakers and no...
  9. More mkIII problems heating & CC button

    Heating & cooling
    As you can see from my previous posts, I’ve been to hell and back with this 2010 Renault Megane 1.6 petrol vvt I finally got my catylst and sensor fitted and my refund. Then I Finally fixed the drivers door. The Cv joints and ball joints will be next week. But I now have 3 NEW PROBLEMS :( 1#...
  10. How to get a drivers side Megane mkIII window metal rail out the door ?

    Hi guys, I know I’ve been posting a lot recently, trying to save money and learn tips/tricks. I’ve just disassembled my drivers side door everything is off it’s getting dark and I can’t get the scissor rail thing out? I’ve tried looking everywhere for info and none? Everything is unbolted and I...
  11. CLIO III - Dipped/Low Beams

    Hello All, Both dipped beams and 1 x side light not working on my 2006 MKIII Clio. Swapped the left dipped bulb (easiest to access) with a brand new Philips bulb, no luck. Did some Googling.... Checked the fuses in the box next to the battery under the bonnet, none are blown. Did some more...
  12. Engine Management Light Flashing? (MKIII Megane)

    Is it normal for the engine light to flash for about 5 to 10 seconds after starting the car? Service light is also on and oil change is due. Does that have anything to do with it? Car starts fine and no strange noise from engine. Condensation was present on the engine at the time of start up...
  13. Both Hand Brake Cables Poor Condition? (Megane MKIII)

    A MKIII Megane for sale has "Both Hand Brake Cables Poor Condition" as an advisory. Parking brake is also only making 17% efficiency. It's a garage selling the Megane. I asked them about these advisories. They said they've redone the MOT, braking is well within MOT standards and the cable's...
  14. trafic mkIII update

    Hi Guys here is the news - rear parking sensor error the van is factory fitted with a tow bar apparently the ball on the tow bar interferes with the sender and drives it crazy so the ball is removed until it is really needed - adblue level not registering they tested the meter and found...
  15. trafic mkiii VAN NEW 1.6 DCI

    Hi Guys as per my earlier sub in the intro section and as a follow on here is what is going on the van is back with Renault for 2 main things 1 the rewards park distance control has failed again and buzzes all the time when in reverse the first repair was ineffective i will ask them to...
  16. trafic mkIII almost new 1,6 dci knocking gearbox at idle

    Hi Guys as per my intro sub i have now driven 1800 km in the van from new it has the commonly used 1,6 dci engine mated to van gearbox today i started it up from cold and there was a knocking noise coming from the gearbox at idle when i press the clutch the noise stops usually on older cars...
  17. Clio MkIII - Air Con

    Heating & cooling
    I have just had my air con re-gassed however the air con is not coming on now at all - the light comes on but pump doesn't kick in. Any ideas? The outside temperature reading has broken and is reading -5 degress. Could this be affecting it? Or is it related to the regas? Thanks in advance
  18. MkIII Laguna 2.0 DCI DT Rough Idea

    i have had an intermittent rough idle for a while. it is broken into two areas? 1. Idle when station randomly gets stuck at 900 rpm vs 700rpm (for example) a car off and on sorts this problem. 2. when at idle intermittently the idle will drop low and the car shakes. I have had the car checked...
  19. Grand Scenic MkIII rear disc and brake pads replacement

    Hi, After reading a myriad of posts I haven't found an answer to this question. I want to change the rear brake discs and pads on a Grand Scenic MkIII 2012. Is it possible to do that without buying a reset tool for the elec. handbrake, or is there a way to reset it? Isn't it possible to wind...
  20. Clio 2012 mk3 5 dr window problem

    Hi there, I'm new to forum in need of help. 2 years ago when I purchased my car from dealer my drivers window stopped working and went in for repair. Now 2 years on the window has failed again. I get some sporadic movement intermittently but not always. Is there a quick fix that someone knows...