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  1. Scenic MKIII (2013, TDi) slow cold start problem

    Hello everyone I have searched this forum for information before posting but haven't found any questions already raised that exactly match the problem we're having with our Scenic MKIII 2013 TDi. When the outside overnight temperature is low (anything below 5 degrees C) the car does not start...
  2. Clio MkIII Battery Low message in error

    Hi, Would welcome your thoughts on a problem on a Clio 3dr Mk3 UK 2008 1.2 TCE 100 with air con 60k miles please. Have had the car just over 5 months. At the very end of the 3 mths warranty, we got a "Battery Low" and STOP light with battery indicator in traffic. The car has a new (bought just...
  3. Scenic MKIII passenger window

    Hello all, thanks for looking in, im not sure which is the best area to post this as im not sure of the fault. my wife has opened the passenger window of out 2010 Renault Scenic (1.5 dci) today and the window opened then made some clunking noises and wouldn't then go back up (was stuck...
  4. Scenic MkIII Electric brake released too late

    Hi there, I have a Scenic Mk3 (2009 plate one of the first :wink2: ) and she has recently a clutch replacment (all sorted out no problems) BUT now I can't drive away anymore without an big fuss. It is the 1.5 dci and since I had this car from new I get use to rev a little bit to start on a...
  5. Laguna MkIII Nearside front electric window 'jerking'

    Hi all My nearside front electric window appears to be playing up It only drops about an inch each time the button is pressed, whether steady or one touch. It therefore takes about 12 presses to raise or lower fully There's no obvious grating noise to indicate the cable might be going...
  6. Renault Megane coupe MKIII door lock caps

    Hi I want to know where I can get door lock end caps for my Renault Megane Coupe, It seems to of dropped off somewhere. Are they available in the desired colour? (white) If anyone knows the part number please post.. Thanks
  7. Megane MkIII heater pannel bulb replacement

    Hi all, I'm new here and hoping you could give me some advice on this problem. Firstly I have a Megane Mk3 and the last few days only half the heater panel was illuminating but if I banged the dash the whole lot would light up. But today this half seems to have permanently stopped working...
  8. Megane MKIII Adding heated seat..

    Hi all, great forum. I am in the process of wanting to add a heated seat to the passenger side (wifes side :d) as the drivers side has it but passenger not. I have found on eBay the heating elements, but just wondered has anyone done this? easy enough job? Any help or hints would be great...
  9. Problems starting Clio MKIII 1.6 with video, electrics problem?

    Went to set off on a journey on Saturday and when I turned the key in the ignition, it sounded as though it was going to start but then it didn't. Turned off the key in the ignition and tried again.. the starter motor seems to turn a bit but more noticeably all the lights on the dashboard and...
  10. Clio MKIII 1.6 power/stalling issue.

    Hi, I recently bought a 2006 Clio 1.6 for the Mrs, I got it cheap so expected a few niggles. But one in particular is confusing me. The car starts first time every time, and once rolling runs sweet as a nut. But it just seems to me to be lacking a serious amount of torque for a 1.6, I've had...
  11. Renault Clio MKIII - New stereo

    Hi, I have recently brought a 2011 Renault Clio 1.2 dynamique with SatNav and steering controls linked to the stereo. I tried to get my stereo replaced by Halfords. They informed me that the leads I need to connect all parts (SatNav, Steering controls and radio) are very rare and hard to get...
  12. location of mkIII renault megane heater motor and resistor

    Hi I have a Renault megane 2009 . The heater motor has stopped working . The scuttle panel is clear and unblocked .. I can't find the motor or rheostat any ideas thanks
  13. New seat covers for Laguna MKIII

    Hi. My front seat covers are very worn and I would like to replace them if possible. Has anyone done this or know where to get them from? Cheers
  14. Flange towbar on Scenic MKIII 2012

    Towing & Touring Club
    I have bought a Scenic MKIII (2012) with rear parking sensors and want to fit a permanent flange style towbar & ball. I will also want to fit a Witter flange plate bike rack mount. The wiring kit will probably be a "Right Connections" 13 pin kit + add on power cable for 12v power. My question is...
  15. clio mkIII deceleration when accelerating

    this has been a problem for a while and cant find anything to help on the net so putting it on the forum its an intermittent problem when I'm driving my accelerator can be flat to the floor and the car will be slowing down it only lasts a little while 10 seconds on average then it kicks back but...
  16. clio mkIII alloy centre cap bolt thread size

    Wheels & tyres
    im looking for the size of tap i would need to use to drill out a broken centre cap bolt and re tap it any help would be greatly appreciated
  17. Scenic MKIII spare wheel & jack kit

    Wheels & tyres
    Can anyone possibly give me the part numbers for a spare wheel and jack kit parts for a 2012 Scenic MKIII? I have just bought the car (today!) and it has a pump up kit in the boot. I would like to have a proper wheel instead. The dealership could supply the whole thing, but wants £200 for a...
  18. MkIII Espace - keeps blowing stereo fuse......

    Hi - have read a couple of threads about this but....... The car battery was changed, and stereo stopped working (i guess due to a power surge), so checked the main fuse box (passenger footwell) fuse (left had side column/bank of fuses, 8th one down i think from top, and replaced the fuse which...
  19. My Megane MkIII

    My mottah!
    Had this car for just over a year now.Not done much to it tbh.Been on here since 2006 and just found out how to attach pictures :)
  20. espace mkIII speedo fault

    Hi im sorry I have looked for this but couldn't find the right post. I have the joy of having a espace 2.0 16v s reg , when I got it the speedo wasn't working it lights up fully but do not display any information speedo or fuel temp and so on . I was told it was the display gone so I brought...