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  1. Renault Clio MKiii 2006 - Dipped Beam Turns on when indicating right

    Hi everyone my first post after finding this forum whilst looking for answers or a solution to my problem. My offside dipped beam has been faulty it will come on when I first turn the lights on for about a second then go off. I had initially thought I needed to change the bulb however I...
  2. Renault Clio MKIII - Quoted �400 for new fuse box.

    Renault Clio MKIII - Quoted £400 for new fuse box. Hello, I am new to the forum and apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place. The other day my dipped headlights stuck on when turning off the engine. All other electronics worked such as full beam and parking lights. After inspection...
  3. Espace MKIII Auto Gear Box Problem

    Hello I hope someone can help me. I have a Renault Espace MkIII 2.0 16V, year 2001 O and its an auto box, the DPO one. The chap I use to do my repairs have drained the old oil and filled with new Dextron III and new filter. He has put it back together and now can only find Reverse and nutral...
  4. Clio MkIII Boot light permanently on?

    I noticed the boot light on my recently purchased Clio wasn't working... upon removing the light/bulb holder housing I found the connector was unplugged...plugged it in... hey presto the light works but... it never goes off! I've had a quick look for the switch location but it isn't obvious, can...
  5. Grand Scenic MkIII Aftermarket head unit & Mood lighting

    I have searched but not found a proper solution so hope someone can guide me. I pick up my 1.9 2011 Grand Scenic tomtom privalege on Thursday, as a serious music lover I want to change the stock Audio equipment to one with pre-outputs etc. However I want to retain use of not just the steering...
  6. Espace MKIII 2.2 DCI replace alternator Help

    Hello. We have an old Espace MKIII (1997) 2.2 Diesel. Last night she refused to turn over and it was diagnosed to a combination of the alternator not putting out a decent charge and the use of lights/heaters etc. I can find a replacement alternator easily enough but on first inspection it...
  7. 2.2dci Espace MKIII Stalling, coolant sensor location

    Heating & cooling
    I've had this car for a few weeks now and it recently began stalling when lifting off the throttle to change down at junctions etc. It only does it now and again but it's a bit frightening to find yourself with very little steering or brakes in the middle of a roundabout. I've been trawling the...
  8. Megane MKIII Headlight Adjustment

    Is there a way of adjusting the headlight height manually under the bonnet? One of my headlights is way too high and the internal height switch isnt really helping things :crazy:
  9. Laguna MKIII Estate EGR Location 2.0DCI

    Can anyone help me with the location of the EGR valve on Laguna MKIII 2.0DCI, its a 2008 Model. Having difiiculty locating the valve. Had a good search on the forums only pic I can find dose not seem to match. Another question if it can be...
  10. Clio MkIII 2008 heater fan fault - Fix

    My wife said her number 2 fan setting no longer worked. Having read all the threads on resistor faults and replacing that, I decided to take a closer look. The clue here is only one speed not working .. checking the spades into the connector, you can see they have become slightly hot and a...
  11. Espace MKIII Radiator

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I hope this is the correct place to post for this. I have a 2000 (W), 2.2DTi RXE Espace with a knackered radiator. Cheapest I've been quoted for a new one is £170 plus vat and at the mo can't afford it. Can anyone advise what other radiators fit this model (if any) and I can hopefully...
  12. From what year did Espace get isofix?

    Cars & motoring
    Was Espace mkIII ever fitted with Isofix seats?
  13. Megane coupe MkIII after market speakers

    Hi, I recently purchased a MKIII Megane 3 door. The speakers are almost pointless so I want to upgrade. Does anyone know of or have a video or guide to upgrading the speakers? I want to do it myself due to the cost of getting someone to do it, but I have no experience of this kind of thing and...
  14. Clio MKIII facelift bumpers, 185 or 195?

    Hi all, i have a renault clio MKIII 1.5 dynamique on a 59 plate and need a new front bumper. I see there are two different types, the 185 and the 195. How can i tell which one i need? I've looked at the back of the bumper, but the only info i can find is on a paper sticker, and obviously...
  15. Upgrading Megane MKIII with a World Series Bodykit

    Exterior styling
    Hi Guys, I'm looking to get a megane mkIII and upgrade the body kit to the world series style. Theres not a lot of information out on the interweb. I know you can get the unpainted fiberglass body kit from Poland...
  16. Laguna mkIII rear bumper removal??

    Help!! Can anyone tell me how easy it is to replace the whole rear bumper on my mk III laguna, the other one has a lot of marks and had a 2nd hand one delivered yesterday so want to swap it over, where do I start have never done anything to a renauly but have plenty of tools in the garage to...
  17. Recalls scenic mkiii

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All RECALLS:( This might be of interest to anyone with a Scenic MkIII On the VOSA website the following information regarding brakes, Check your cars VIN plate, if it’s in between the VIN numbers below check with RENAULT. It mentions that the injection computer requires reprogramming as...
  18. Clio MkIII - Solenoid Repair - Mabuchi FC-280ST-18180

    For sale
    I bought a couple of these motors when I was having problems with the fuel flap solenoid on my MkIII 2006 Clio. They are difficult to find and I ordered from the US which was still far cheaper than paying Renault prices for a new solenoid. It's a Mabuchi FC-280ST-18180 motor as used in various...
  19. Megane Coupe MkIII Roof Spoiler

    For sale
    I have a brand new roof spoiler to fit Megane Coupe Mk III 08-on. It is Diamond Black in colour and was removed from my 62 plate GT Line Coupe to be replaced with kit spoiler. Completely unmarked (no brake light). Grab a bargain £75 inc P&P
  20. Replacing Clio MKIII 2009 Tom Tom Edition CD Player

    In-car entertainment
    Hi, Im hoping this is the place to post questions about my Renault Clio 2009 MK III Hatchback 1.5 dCi tomtom edition... I was wondering if it was possible/what I would need to replace the current CD player in my car to a new one, it is all linked up to the Tom tom screen which came built in...