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  1. Clio MkIII front bumper

    My MkIII Clio is suffering from a bumper problem. The sides where it clips onto the wings keeps popping out at the front.nearest the headlights. It does it both sides, ive had the bumper off to see what the problem is and it looks like the plastic has worn thin and snapped. Has anyone heard...
  2. Clio MkIII Full Beam and Headlight Switching Problem = Stalk / Electrics?

    Last month I bought a 2006/56 1.4 Mk3 Clio but have since found that the left hand stalk (lights/beam) is a bit flaky. With the dipped headlights on, it is difficult to put the full beam on. As I pull back on the stalk the full beam flickers but may not stay on - sometimes it works sometimes...
  3. Clio mkIII 1.2

    Whilst driving I heard a clunk and then engine management light came on along with the orange rectangle light with the zigzag line in it and car went into limp mode, clio 1.2 16v 2006 56plate ( my other daughters car) I was going up hill the noise came from beneath I think, it was one single...
  4. MKIII Espace Headlamp Fault

    Help, my offside headlamp dipped beam has stopped working, I have been quoted between 5 & 6 hundred pounds to repair as they do not know for certain what the problem is, either the bulb or the ballast unit or both. I leave on the Wirral Merseyside and cannot find a replacement in the scrapyards...
  5. Laguna 2.0 DCI MKIII EGR location & removal help

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum & to owning a DCi Laguna had it for about 2 wks). Lovely car but I noticed the MPG was low, getting 40MPG on the motorway at a steady 75mph, I had the oil & filter changed a few days ago & Halfords carried out their 'fuel service' which involes engine flush I...
  6. Clio MKIII Side Skirts from the SX Trim

    Exterior styling
    Hi, i own a 2007 Clio TCE Turbo with the SX kit, when i purchased it i didn't notice the side skirts were missing :rofl: Didn't really matter at the time, but i want to get them now. I can buy them direct from renault but was wondering if anyone had upgraded their car and had the original ones...
  7. Clio MkIII: iPod adaptor options - really quick/novice question

    Hi all After a lot of searching (Parrot/Connect 2 etc) for an iPod to speaker solution I've finally set on Connect 2 for my 57 plate MKIII Renault Clio. My only question now (and I imagine it's a very easy one for people with more knowledge than myself) is, other than price what is the...
  8. Lambda Sensor faulty on espace MKIII

    Hi there,i'm new to this but would like some help with locating the lambda sensor on my espace mk3 2.0 petrol 2001.I was told it was the sensor on the manifold that was faulty but i cant find it or even see it.How do you get to it ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. ODBII lcoation on Clio MkIII 2006 1.5dci

    Can any help me I am trying to find the location of the ODBII connector on my 2006 Clio MKIII 2006 model I have read that is below ashtray but in the 2006 I have cup holders with an astray cup Thanks
  10. espace MKIII dash not dimming when head lights on.

    I have a 2.2dci espace MKIII just got it back from mot yay pass with no advisories. After I got it back i have noticed that the dash backlight is not dimming when the headlights are on. also the light on the dash to show the side lights are on is not coming on when the sidelights are on. any...
  11. Clio MkIII Horn problem

    Anyone know where the horn is on the MkIII Clio's. My daughter's isn't working and I've checked the fuse which is fine, but I can't remove the steering column top (Horn switch) because I don't know how, to confirm no loose wires there. I've looked in the engine bay itself but can't see the...
  12. Espace MkIII 2.2dti injection pump

    Greetings everyone. Can anyone help with the following questions please? My Espace will not start after the cold snap and it appears that no fuel is getting to the injectors as there is no smoke from the exhaust on cranking. It will respond to the dreaded 'EasyStart' but will not pick up after...
  13. Clio mkIII (2007) 1.5 diesel fuel injection light

    Hello first time poster hoping to get some help. I have a diesel Clio that is coming up on 5 years with 47k on the clock. On a recent long drive 350 miles each way a light came on my dash, on referring to the book it is the fuel injection light. The light only comes on when I am around 2,000...
  14. Clio MkIII indicator Intermittent fault

    I have a 2008 Clio Sport tourer 1.2. Left front indicator has an intermittent fault. It works OK for a while then cuts out. Bulb is OK ( swapped bulbs and bulb holders Left to right. Turning the bulb holder in its seat re-sets the bulb to working condition for a time. When the bulb starts...
  15. Clio MkIII lighting issues.

    Evening people. I'm new to this forum and am hoping that someone here can give me a bit of advice :confused:. I have 2005 (55) Clio. Within the last month or so for reasons unknown to me my sidelights come on for no reason and then stay on. The light stalk is in the off position. If I turn the...
  16. Espace MkIII Alarm failed to trigger

    Hi all, could somebody please help me out with an issue i have with my factory fitted cobra alarm system.2 days ago i was the victim of a break-in on my espace, the front passenger window was smashed in but the alarm on the car failed to activate??? i know the alarm works as i have tested it in...
  17. Clio MkIII Unlocking

    Hi all, We have just bought a Mk III Renault Clio with 5 doors. When you unlock the car on the remote only the driver's door unlocks, all the others remain locked until you double plip the remote. This is the same when you pull up and somebody goes to get in the rear, if you unlock the doors the...
  18. clio mkIII headlight bulb replacement

    Hi, all im new to this forum so be nice lol i need to replace my driverside dipped bulb but it looks a pain and no space to do it, but it seems like i can remove the washer jet bottle for more access, but is the bulb held in by a metal clip or is it just twist and pull and remove he bulb? hope...
  19. Clio MkIII

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    My clio has recentley developed this problem. When I double click the key to unlock the doors and boot, the not only unlocks but pops open. Is there a quick fix or is it a trip to the dealer. anyone able to help? regards Kemosabe
  20. Renault Espace MKIII (year 1999) Engine Oil Type

    Hi guys & gals First time poster but this place helped me a lot with my girfriends Megane so thanks for that :) I bought an Espace MKIII just last week and after checking the oil it looks like it need to be changed. I have no user/maintenance manual for the car and I need to know what...