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  1. Clio MkIII - Replacing tweeters and door speakers advice?

    In-car entertainment
    Hey, i've just bought FLI tweet's and door speakers for my clio: Ano its probably be asked but can anyone tell me an easy way to get the tweeters on the dash out without damaging the dash itself. I'm wanting to replace the door speakers aswell but I dont know.. can you get away with changing...
  2. Espace MkIII radio problem.

    Hi there. This is my first time here. I hope someone can help. I have just purchased a 1997 RX Td 2.2 Espace. Everything electrical works fine except the radio. Dash say 'OFF'. I have read the book that came with the car, for the radio. I have tried the remote to turn it on and tried the...
  3. Clio mkIII Reversing Light Failure

    Hi I have a 55 plate Clio MkIII 1.5 Diesel. Its recently been for a service where we were told the reversing bulb needed replacing. I've done this but it didn't work. Subsequently I've checked the reversing switch and the fuses but still nothing that suggests a problem. Can anyone offer...
  4. Espace MKIII 2.0 16v cylinder head???

    Hi everyone A week ago my beast (Grand Espace T reg) started knocking. Sound was coming from the engine. (F4R 700). I almost had a heart attack when I opened rocker cover - one of the cams is gone - grinded very badly as well as bearing surface on the head and rocker cover. So I am after a...
  5. new clio Starting Problems mkIII 08

    I have read the other threads regarding clio starting problems regarding the mkII, but I am experiancing the same problem with a 15month old Clio 1.2 mk III. Turning the key to start the engine can take between 10 and 20 attempts. The battery is fine, and also read about cleaning key or using...
  6. Espace MkIII Phase I Fuel line connectors

    I'm in the process of dropping the fuel tank as there is an air leak into the diesel supply line. The supply/return lines are modular and joined by a push fit connector retained by a plastic clip. I am having great difficulty separating them and was wondering if there was a technique to this...
  7. Espace MKIII Automatic Transmission

    Hi all, I have Espace MKIII (2001) 16V 2.0L Automatic tranmission. The auto gearbox is intermittently lock/drop to 2nd gear while driving particularly during morning drive. Current solution was to pull over, turn off the ignition fully and restart after 5 seconds. Immediatly the problem went...
  8. espace mkIII 2.2 diesel non starter!!!!

    HI, First time user please be patient, my friends espace has been in and out the garage for over a year now with a non starting problem!!!!!!!!! symptoms are : Non starting But will start with easy start! the odd miss whilst driving. its had numerous glow plugs filters ect fitted, the last...
  9. Espace MKIII cambelt tensioner

    Hello newbie here. Can anyone tell me how to remove/replace the cambelt tensioner on a Mark111 Espace 2.2dt (1997). I've got the cambelt off & undone the central nut on the tensioner but it can't slide off the mounting stud due to the lack of clearance around the engine. I have looked at...
  10. mkIII espace ISO connector?

    Hi All I have a mkiii espace which I'm looking to fit a aftermarket radio to as the old one was water damaged(nothing new). The ISO connectors on ebay only have two sets of connectors on either end, whereas on my radio there are 3 sets of connectors going to it, am I looking at the wrong ISO...
  11. Espace MKIII -2002 - Driver door wont lock

    Hi, the driver side door on my Espace won't lock and I noticed the door open sensor/switch is stuck and does not pull out. Thus the interior lights remain on and the Van cbeeps thinking the door is open. Any one had similar issue and know how this switch can be replaced. Cheers.
  12. MkIII eveporator - access rout please?

    Heating & cooling
    I need to clean my A/C evaporator in Mk3 Espace, have changed pollen filters and used A/C cleaner "bombs" in car to no avail. Now I have some spray with a long pipe to blast the evaporator and presume the best rout will be in from the central vent grills on the dash - any advice would be...
  13. 1998 Renault Espace MkIII 2.2dt, tailgate jammed!

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience similar to this. The rear tailgate seems to have broken whilst the tailgate is closed and in the locked position therefore making it impossible to gain entry via this door. I have found detailed instructions for this problem in the Knowledge...
  14. Clio MkIII problem (stereo)

    I have a renault clio 54 plate. I purchased a new stereo (LG) for it but the problem is when i fit it, it interfere's with the Speedo and Power Steering (they dont work) Has anyone heard of this before or know how to remedy it?