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  1. mobile renault master mechanic needed!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello!!! New member and needing a mobile mechanic for a semi auto lwb master. south london/ croydon/surrey can anyone recommend please?
  2. Connecting a MP3 player (e.g. Android mobile phone) to Laguna II Radio/CD unit?

    The unit in my Laguna is just like that in the picture attached. It's the factory-spec standard radio/CD with an in-dash 6 CD changer. Unfortunately, its manual didn't come with the car. I'm struggling to trim down my music collection to just 6 audio CDs. So I've been wondering whether I can...
  3. Mobile Phone

    General Chat
    Me mobile has packed up:frown2: Anyone recommend one that's got a decent camera and is a good phone.. Thanks
  4. Mobile Phone Excessive Charges BEWARE!!

    General Chat
    Posting this as a warning!!!!!!! Got a text on my phone "Thank you for subscribing to unlimited access to Mobyapps games & apps for £4.50 per week from clarion marketing until you text STOP to 65065" Not knowing why this has happened I sent a STOP text, got a message back "your subscription has...
  5. Mobile Phone Penalties To Double

    General Chat
    I still think not strong enough Texting drivers: Penalty points and fines to double - BBC News
  6. Decent Camera On Mobile Phone?

    General Chat
    Hi all Im thinking of getting a new Mobile but wouldnt mind one with a decentish camera.. Will be on PAYG so dont want to spend loads.. Anyone own or can recommend one please? Stu
  7. Free Mobile Minutes etc

    General Chat
    I was sent this by a friend the other day and have had a read up about it and it does seem legit? A company called freedompop have been in the USA for a few years now and have become very popular.. They have now come to the UK They offer different tariffs with various monthly rates but for the...
  8. Fones 4 U Mobile

    Computer Club
    Anyone in the past had a contract mobile from Fone 4 U? I had one through T-Mobile / EE The 2 year contract is drawing to a conclusion, soon. I'm not an heavy user maybe 150 Min per month & a similar amount of txts On a bad month :confused::confused::confused: I might use 2 Gbs reading the...
  9. Mobile Mechanics in Peterborough/Cambridgeshire

    Hi Guys and gals, My x reg renault megane wont start in cold and damp weather. i have been told it could be the engine coolant temp sensor but due to working 12hr night shifts and travelling to northampton to work every night i find it difficult to get into a garage as they want to keep it over...
  10. Police to seize mobile phones in RTI's

    General Chat
    I agree with the motive for this action but does this move the use of mobiles in a dash-holder for hands-free voice calls into a greyer area??? Unless you also have voice activated calling, you need to press the buttons/screen to select the number and press ring/answer, all of which is legal to...
  11. Need a mobile renault mechanic South East London

    Since a garage messed up my renault megane 2001 1.6 by renewing the timing belt, and fobbed me off when I took it back, does anyone know of a renault mobile mechanic to do the timing for me, I've rung round a few, nobody calls back or nobody can do the job. I am near Catford South East London
  12. Mobile Mechanic

    Hi I am new to the forum and would like to ask if anyone knows of a mobile mechanic who can change the timing belt, pre-tensioners & water pump on my recently purchased Renault Scenic Dynamic. I am in the Wiltshire Area. Thanks for you help inadvance. Julie
  13. Mobile phone providers

    Computer Club
    I have Orange and getting a signal always seems to be an I am thinking of changing to BT 02 pay as you go ..does anyone have an issue with that one ? Secondly I have a new 02 sim that fits my phone how do I go about getting that one activated if I change..? Thanks in advance..
  14. Mobile phone pairing

    Tried to pair Samsung galaxy xcover2 to my 61 plate Grand scenic. Radiosat shut down completely Took it to local dealer, needed master reset & software upgrade. All done in an hour for free!! We'll done Sanders Renault of Kettering Thank you.
  15. Car diagnostics mobile application

    Tools & equipment
    Hey all, I am currently conducting a questionnaire about the development of a new type of car diagnostics mobile application. This is being completed as a part of my final year university project. If you could take a few minutes out to complete this questionnaire it would be greatly appreciated...
  16. New Scatz family mobile

    My mottah!
    Picked her up on Monday. Pleased as punch with her ;) Scenic is up for sale if anyone is interested ;)
  17. New Scatz Mobile imminant!

    My mottah!
    Put a deposit down on a new family car yesterday to replace the Scenic. It's a 2013 S-Max 2.0 TDCi Titanium X Sport :d Hopefully the dealership can find one in the country somewhere in the colour and spec we've ordered otherwise it's a 12-14 week wait :( I'll post some pics when we get it but...
  18. New huge mobile fone

    Computer Club
    Out of me saved fag money I've treated myself to what to me looks like a HUGE mobile fone, its got unlimited net access. Just wondering if I need to bother with this tapitalk stuff, or antivirus. Can you keep it nice and simpleton please I'm 3 years old when it come to mobiles :o Tapatalk...
  19. Mobile phone problem

    In-car entertainment
    Hi folks I recently purchased a Megane Coupe and managed to pair my Galaxy S2 no bother. My problem is when I call/receive a call, I can hear the other person but they cant hear me. Any ideas?
  20. Mobile Phone integration

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, Just bought my 07 Megane CC and on the windscreen pillars, there is what looks like microphones. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to integrate my mobile phone so that it comes through the speakers and use these? This is not an aftermarket product and is original renault fitments.