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  1. X Mod Paint Codes

    Have identified my paint code as NNM Dynamic Red Pearl on my 2013 Scenic XMod Auto. It has silver fake sump guards on and it has a chip I want to fix. Does anyone know the paint code for this?
  2. SuperModd on Clio Mk4 Medianav Evelution

    General Chat
    What do you think of the Supermodd mod i have applied to the wife's 2016 mk4 Clio medianav evolution radio?
  3. Mod time

    General tuning
    Well I picked up the my Laguna III coupe this weekend. In the end I opted for the 2.0t variety as much more fun to be had in the modification side. The first and most important mod has already been done (debadged - lol) And next ones are booked in with Powerflow for the down pipe back custom...
  4. Congratulations stuart j (Super Mod)

    Congratulations @stuart j on your post count of 8000 Thanks for all your input & help on the Forum & behind the scenes Stu :smile2:
  5. Stu Mod

    General Chat
    Hi Stu everything ok, was starting to get concerned. Thought you had gone to the FFFFF(darkside) site>:)
  6. Fitting Maxi Cosi 2 way fix baby seat in X Mod

    Can anyone confirm that they have fitted a 2 way fix for the maxi visit Pebble Plus car seat. Both Halfords and Mothercare say they do not recommend it for a Scenic because of the underfloor storage compartment. Both Maxi Cosi and Renault say it is compatible and safe but feel uneasy as the...
  7. Iphone Mod

    General Chat
    Following the implicit instructions to add an earphone socket to the IPhone, I got my electric drill and proceeded to modify the phone as it not supplied as standard I drilled the hole as shown but for some reason my phone does not seem to work no more, so my question is, is does my warranty...
  8. Mod assistance Password Issue

    General Chat
    Having an issue with password to log in? I logged in the other day as normal and wrote a post when I went to post it it again asked me for my log in details this time when I tried to log in I was told i'd entered the wrong details so after ensuring caps lock wasn't on I did it again no luck no...
  9. By Request from a Mod!

    My mottah!
    As requested by a certain Mod:laugh: Ok now! :wink2:
  10. My first mod.

    In-car entertainment
    Changed out the standard HU as it was faulty and wanted a decent HU anyway, new 5.25" door speakers front and rear (NS rear speaker I can't remove though for some reason, the screws just keep turning and not loosening, so if anyone has any tips on how best to remove them would be much...
  11. Crazy or smart? Chip tuning a Laguna II 05 mod.

    I Have a 1.8l PETROL 120bhp 88kw Laguna II 2005 mod. is there any positive use of a chip tuning like this one: Does this box remap my car by it self...
  12. Megane mk3 mod help RS250/GT looks?

    Exterior styling
    Hi just wondering if I can swap for swap my bumper from world series kit to rs or gt line any ideas how difficult it would be? Hi just wondering if I can swap for swap my bumper from world series kit to rs or gt line any ideas how difficult it would be? Hi just wondering how difficult changing...
  13. What is a Car Mod or Not ??

    Hi, would the installation of a centre console armrest invalidate the insurance? there's an article in BBC this morning about a driver who placed some stickers on the hood and sides of her car. Insurer said that it's a modification and wont pay off. Any ideas folks? TIA
  14. 150 gt dci mod help?

    Tuning & Modding
    Hi, struggling to find mod info on megane mk2 gt dci 150 Iv had a remap taking to 184bhp & 312 torque And new panel filter pipercross Im looking for other owners with same car and any modifications they have done other than mine. Seen alot of stuff on airbox mods anyone dine this to the dci...
  15. Merry Christmas from the admin / mod team

    General Chat
    Hi folks. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish every member of the forum a very merry christmas. This forum is what it is thanks to your input. Have a good one people. :) :beer::beer::toast::toast::lager::lager: Kind Regards The admin / mod team.
  16. Scenic X Mod owner

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I bought an ex-demo 1.6 X Mod TomTom Dynamique with sunroof, and Bose pack. Registered before July 2013 without Grip extend
  17. A little mod for megane 2

    In-car entertainment
  18. MAF sensor mod

    Hi guys. Been reading about some guys modifying their MAF sensor. Personally I wouldn't do it as I think it would give a few problems and I already have enough problems with my Megane and I don't want anymore lol Question is: Has anyone here done the mod? If so did it work or just give you...
  19. Merry Christmas from the Admin / Moderator Team

    General Chat
    Oh behalf of all of the admin / moderator team I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Thank you for all your contributions to the forum this year, we wouldnt be here without your valued and continued input. Here's to an even better 2014 on RenaultForums...
  20. Another Mod about to say bye bye to Renault

    General Chat
    I've had no other car but Renault since 1968 :eek: But I've concluded the time has come to make a change, I've gone & brought a Toyota Auris today expected to be picked up in 7-10 days after I shuffled money about from one bank account to another :crazy: TOYOTA AURIS HATCHBACK (10 - >) - 1.6...