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  1. anyone modded there mk1 laguna??

    Exterior styling
    i would like to modd mine. anyone got any pictures of them modded. thanks jay
  2. Lubricating a modded or track car

    Cars & motoring
    By: John Rowland (Silkolene Chief Chemist) Basically Basically, to use that irritating in-word, engine lubrication is simple, and consequently boring. So I intend to treat the subject “complicatedly”, which may not be an in-word, but makes life far more interesting! So, to take a quick...
  3. Badly Modded Cars

    General Chat
    Post up pics of cars that have been modded badly lol
  4. Modded Scenic II?

    General tuning
    Has anyone ever had a go at tunning and modding a scenic ive had a look before and never seen any. Just wondered what body kits and styling goodies they do and what others had achieved! Thanks
  5. My modded Megane

    My mottah!
    Im a bit bored so i thought id pot up pics of megane. Still got some things to do, like put y coilovers on. Any opinions are welcome.
  6. My slightly modded clio

    My mottah!
    here is my car people, it has: 17" Fox RS3 rims lowered with 60mm apex springs, stainless steel exhaust system, clio 172 front bumpers, sideskirts and front wings, angel eye headlights, front and rear seats from a 00-05 clio extreme all comments and suggestions welcome...
  7. Hunny + Modded clio = HOTT!!

    My mottah!
    Thought you Reno fans might enjoy this the driver Specs and article here
  8. modded espace ?

    General tuning
    does any know if the running gear {rear axle etc }from the mk 1 espace 4x4 will go on a mk2 (91 -96} also is the V6 in the alpine gta the same one as in the espace V6 as i have an idea for a souped up espace by combining these parts into a mark 2 shell lowering it with the 2.8 turbo V6 from the...