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  1. Espace IV 3.0 DCi 'Check ignition' and limp mode. Vel Satis engine

    Hi all, I am having an issue with my newly purchased 2007 Espace IV 3.0 DCi. I hear its a problem that can be caused by several underlying issues and I'm just hoping the answer is not that I need to overhaul the high pressure injection pump as its ++£. The symptoms are that (reliably) under...
  2. 07 Kangoo over rev on idle and limp mode

    Hi guys, got a 07 1.2 petrol Kangoo. Went into limp mode a few weeks ago. Turning off and on sorts it but has been getting progressively worse. Garage said needed a new throttle body because it was revving high while idling. Seemed to fix it for a couple of days but back in limp mode and over...
  3. urgent Clio toxic fume light & limp mode

    hi my daughter is stuck on the M4 car gone into limp mode and the toxic fume light is on Clio 1.2 16v 53 plate manual petrol I'm 50 miles away any ideas what issue is likely to be anything suggestions I can pass down the phone to her ? Al:crying2:
  4. Windows 10 Safe Mode

    Computer Club
    Have you ever had to put your windows 10 machine into safe mode and found out that actually you can’t unless you can boot into the bloody thing, if you can boot into the bloody thing you don’t need safe mode, or you have to keep failing the boot until Windows 10 eventually decided to give you...
  5. Renault Megane II, check emissions, check injection, limp mode

    Hello all could someone please try help me my car is gone mad on me, it will start fine when cold but after one min it will cut out might start might not if it dose it will pop and fart then cut out, if I pull the map sensor off it will run away fine albeit in limp mode, I have a fault code...
  6. Clio 2003 1.2 16v - Random to constant limp mode - P0220 and P0225 **Fixed**

    Hello. This is my first car ever, and I'm having some issues with it. I'll put everything in bullet points to make it as quick to read as possible: Bought the car, after about a week out of nowhere the diagnostic light lit up, and the car went into limp mode Restarted the engine, and the...
  7. trafic 2lt 2010, misfire and limp mode **Fixed**

    I'd appreciate any help with this problem. My van developed a misfire and the code read no.1 injector, I had the injector replaced and everything was fine the van ran smoothly for a day. Now the van wont rev above 2500rpm when sitting stationary, pulling away it will go round the clock and then...
  8. Fluence goes into Limp Mode when Brake and Accelerator Pedals pressed at same time

    I have a question that I'm hoping some knowledgeable person on here will be able to answer. I'm looking for information on how the Stall Test is carried out on the Automatic Gearbox of a Renault Fluence. The standard safe method of doing this test is to put blocks under the wheels, apply the...
  9. No AUX mode

    Ask the Experts
    I have a Twingo 2008, looking through online I found I could add an aux cable. I bought one and put it in the slot at the back, however on the expert mode there is no option for aux. My stereo has the expert mode and update list which everywhere I've looked said I need. Any way to find the...
  10. Limp mode. Preheating/electrical fault lights. NO fault codes?

    Ask the Experts
    Hi. I have a Renault Clio 2 1.6 16v 2004/2005. A while back I had antifreeze leaking into the car onto the passenger floor. After taking the car to a local mechanic to fix the problem. He said it was the air-conditioning unit that broke. He ended up cuting of the water pipes leading into the car...
  11. Laguna 2012 S3 2.0dci stuck in limp mode

    Hi, the story is the front intercooler pipe split and the car went into limp mode, i presume as the turbo wasnt getting any cold air. That pipe has now been fixed, some of the power has returned if you feather it in gently but it still keeps coming up with 'check injection' and wont rev over 3k...
  12. Aux Mode Radio Laguna 2

    Hi guys. I have a Laguna Privilege from 2004. I have searched on all Youtube videos to enable the Aux mode by pressing the (Music) logo and then use the Vol+ to change the Aux mode ON/Off. Now funny thing is that in my radio in order to access that menu I need to press the SRC (Source) button...
  13. Carminat Tom Tom Expert Mode

    Hello All This may be better off placed somewhere more appropriate but after spending a week trying to sort out a problem on someone’s 2002 Laguna Carminat, we could not reset the system back to factory settings as it asked for a code so that it can placed into expert mode, obviously to...
  14. Sport mode switches to Neutral after restart

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys, As i didn't find any answer on the web, i'll ask here. If Sport mode is engaged in Multi-Sense (2016 Talisman/Megane), at next car start R-Link will ask if you'd like to keep the power-train in this mode. If you don't input anything for a few seconds (as i always forget to), it will...
  15. Oil leak, limp mode and black smoke!

    I drive a 2008 traffic. A while back I had a little oil leak from below and once got checked it as the turbo. So I I got the turbo changed and soon as i got the van back it goes into limp mode. Usually after a few miles, there is slot of black smoke too out the back of the exhaust. Would this be...
  16. CLIO III 1.2 Limp mode - Toxic Fume warning & electronic fault

    My car has gone to the Limp mode and can't go over 3000rpm. The lights which open is the TOXIC FUME WARNING LIGHT & ELECTRONIC FAULT WARNING. So now I will tell you what happened before 3-4 months. 1) I was driving and the electronic fault warning open 2) I take it to the garage. We thought some...
  17. 2.5 Master 120 Limp mode when cold

    Hi Guys , Bit of an odd one. If i start van and let it tick over until warm and drive it its fine. If i drive it from cold it immediately goes into limp mode. After restarting when up to temp it drives fine again. Any suggestions ? Cheers
  18. Hard start, Injection light on, does not go past 4000RPM/on limp mode, Cruise control

    Renault Megane lll RS 2.0T 2015 I have ordered a crank sensor from Renault, I believe all other faults are caused by faulty crank sensor. I've tried cleaning the sensor, securing the connector and checked sensor wiring - the fault stays! [emoji35] Any suggestion? Am I on the right track?
  19. Trafic limp mode and misfiring 2000-3000rpm

    I realise this is an ask the expert section however I***8217;m not sure which section to add my recent experiences I bought a Trafic cheap and was told the turbo had gone as it was constantly loosing power and going into limp mode. Garage diagnosed. I spent many hours reading this and other...
  20. Twingo 1.2 petrol in limp mode

    Hi all :-) My wife called me ealier saying that on her way to work her Twingo (2009 1.2 75hp petrol) suddently lost power, and the spanner symbol and the “zig-zag” symbol came on. Great... Packed some tools and came to the rescue, just to find that none of the things I tried worked. It fires on...