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  1. Modus 1.2 16V 55KW - B4F MODEL

    Hi guys! I still have a problem with my mother's Modus 1.2 petrol engine. Basically it doesn't start properly when outside it's cold (around 15°C or less). It cranks but doesn't start at first attempt. Second or third attemp, it will start normally. After this, the engine will crank like normal...
  2. Medianav in Clio IV (2013 model)

    Hi there, I'm looking into getting a 2013 or 2014 Renault Clio. I've seen comments that people have problems syncing their android phones with it. Is this the case or is it I receive calls / stream music through spotify with an android phone? Lastly I was wondering if the medianav for...
  3. Renault Megan scenic 2008 model

    Ask the Experts
    Hi Guys, I have a Renault Megan scenic 2008 model. The electronic hand brake just would not release last night. I have pulled the yellow lever in the boot with no luck. It feels like there is not play to even pull it.
  4. What Model Clio !

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Have Just purchased a 2007 Renault Clio 1.4 , K4J G / 80 engine , could someone tell me if this is a MkII or a Mk III Clio . Am looking for a Cambelt kit and it is saying Clio Mk II BB-CB 1999 onwards , then Clio Mk III Sb-SR 2005 to Onwards . so I am getting a bit confused as to what...
  5. Clio mk 4 2017 model sat nav issue

    when I use my media nav in my clio to play music via the usb slot some of the albums show the picture inside the folder of the album, some don't? what so I need to do to set up my memory stick so that all the albums have art that will be seen by the medianav system? many thanks for any help...
  6. Sticking caliper on a Master 2.3 2010 model year

    Does anyone know of an issue where a back brake caliper keeps sticking on. I have had this happen at least 3 or 4 times since I bought the van about 4 years ago. I only find out when I have it serviced or MOTD or when the pads wear down. Anyone heard of this before? If anyone could offer some...
  7. Duster model HSRA - DF569 Boost pressure circuit

    Vehicle arrived at my place after dealer wanted to replace all turbo plumbing at exorbitant cost as the correct and only solution. So lots of sucking and blowing on all plumbing after the obligatory cleaning of the filthy EGR valve (that improved matters a lot) still no closer to reason for...
  8. Does a Megane Mk2 1.6L petrol 2006 model thermostat housing have oil galleries too?

    Heating & cooling
    Does a Megane Mk2 1.6L petrol 2006 model thermostat housing have oil galleries too? I'm aware the Megane Mk3 has a plastic thermostat housing which has both oil and water galleries and oil can get into the coolant if the seal fails or the plastic warps, etc,,,, is it the same for the Megane Mk2...
  9. Buying advice Scenic/Clio 2010 - 2014 model years

    General Chat
    Hi First post, hopefully of many! I am looking for some advise as I will be changing my current vehicle and one of the cars I am considering is the Scenic, having owned the mk1 1.9DCi 2003 model and loved the higher driving position and easier access, as I have back trouble. Bought for...
  10. New model Trafic- List of service intervals?

    Im looking for a list/table of service intervals for oil, timing belt, brake fluid etc for a new model mk3 2014 Renault Trafic. Owners manual lists nothing. I'm ising independent garages for servicing, avoiding dealers. I want to stick to manufacturers intervals- but info seems missing. Can...
  11. Renault Megane - Which model and year is this?

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, I've rented a Renault Megane 1.6 last year in Poland and just remembered how great it was to drive it! I've now been driving nearly a year and really want to buy the same Megane, but I can't find the exact year and model! I believe it is a 2014-2017 but not sure exactly. I checked Gumtree...
  12. Identify Engine Model

    Being a bit thick here, or just chasing my tail. Trying to work out which model of M9R is fitted to my car. 08 plate Laguna 3 150hp (110kw) non fap. Bad fuel consumption, no other problems, looks like possible injector(s) - need to do a leak test I know, but, still need the engine code to work...
  13. Renault Scenic 1.6 2005 model

    General Chat
    Hi Guys *help needed please**. My Renault Scenic is just not starting from the start button,starter has been replaced as this was diagnosed as being the problem.Dash now displays electronic fault,car still gives a smooth drive,all fuses in tact. :frown2::frown2::frown2:
  14. Help identifying model?

    My mottah!
    Hi, I've been looking to buy a 2010 Renault Megane (Mark III) Coupe . Recently I came across an advertisement for a coupe (1.5L dCi, 110BHP) with alloy wheels, heated seats, Tom Tom satnav, cruise control, rain & light sensors, and climate control. I'm just wondering if such a model/spec...
  15. Scenic new model 66plate major alarm issues

    After having the car from new, 6 months later the alarm randomly went off and would not stop. Ended up driving it to the Dealership during which time it stopped (after 30 mins) when we got there the fault seemed to be intermittent, eventually after 3 weeks we were informed a new alarm had been...
  16. Koleos replacement exhaust for petrol(!) model

    Hi all, It's been a while since I posted here, but I'm running out of straws to clutch at so grateful for even a small amount of advice! I now live in Germany, and my wife has a 2009 Koleos with a 2.5 petrol engine which was never sold in the UK. It has failed its TüV (Germany's MOT) on a...
  17. Scenic 1.9 DCI 20014 model

    Hi Guys i am new to this. My issue i am having is that during the day i can see my time, temperature and radio fine but at night is has no light display. Please advise as to what this can be .. is there a switch im missing or blown bulb. i have checked the fuses and everything okay. i also...
  18. i have seen a small model of this

    General Chat
    not seen it on this scale before
  19. Renault Master 2.2 2001 model rear brake pad replacement

    Hi, How do I go about changing the rear pads on a Renault Master and freeing up/adjusting the hand brake? Can it be done without any specialist tools? I'm just trying to save my brother a few quid on garage bills and haven't seen this type of caliper/handbrake before. Thanks.
  20. Renault Scenic Megan Model identification

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all I have just bought a Renault Megan Scenic Dynamic 16v 1.6 petrol 7 seater. Its not in a bad shape but there are some things that need doing it to like replace the rear lights cover as it is cracked, replace the Steroe as some one has put in a pink (PINK!!!) JVC quite badly and the gear...