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  1. Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys, I recently bought a Kangoo mk1 and I want to improve the handling. I did some research but there's not much info (or it's me bad at searching) about this subject. Is it true that the front suspension is actually from a renault clio mk1? I can get my hands on some clio 1.8 16v dampers...
  2. For sale
    For sale is my Megane 250 LUX 60 plate with subtle mods. The reason it's up for sale is my hobby interest are taking another direction as in enjoying the outdoors as a family and cycling for my self! Now about the car.... It's a 2010 60plate 250 LUX that has been remapped and capped under...
  3. Engines
    Ive just bought my second megane, dti 80hp. Now the theres no standard intercooler, unlike the earlier 100bhp model. Could I fit a frount mount intercooler, not a huuuge one but something nice in the bumper? Obviously this would increase the volume of the boost system, and run at a cooler...
1-3 of 40 Results