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  1. Modus 1.2 16V 55KW - B4F MODEL

    Hi guys! I still have a problem with my mother's Modus 1.2 petrol engine. Basically it doesn't start properly when outside it's cold (around 15°C or less). It cranks but doesn't start at first attempt. Second or third attemp, it will start normally. After this, the engine will crank like normal...
  2. Modus side lights stuck on

    The side lights on my 2011 Grand Modus won't turn off. I have checked the fuses and they seem ok. There are no lights on the dash and nothing I do with the lights/indicator stalk makes a difference. As far as I can tell I don't have auto lights. I have had to disconnect the bulbs so the...
  3. Renault modus 1.5dci

    Hi everyone I***8217;m in need of some help please I have recently bought a Renault modus 1.5dci 2004 with 78000 miles on and I***8217;m having problems starting it I***8217;ve tried priming the fuel with the primer until it goes hard but yet it still won***8217;t start off the key, but when I...
  4. Whistle noise Renault Modus 1.2 2007

    Hello guys, My 2007 Renault Modus is making a whistle noise coming from the front, if I remember correctly it started when my mechanic changed the timing belt, my modus has 145'000 km and even that it was working perfectly the mechanic said that you should change the timing belt. After that a...
  5. Modus Headlights

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2006 modus that has HID headlights, when they are on they are very dim, I bought some osram bulbs 200% brighter, but still very dim tried a ballast I know is perfect but still dim any ideas ?
  6. Modus

    Any ideas about these plugs on a modus 57plate please both sides of car in boot
  7. Renault modus on a 57 plate 1.2

    Behind panel in boot cable connector white in colour what***8217;s if for one either side of car ? Many thanks
  8. Modus tailgate lock woes *** Fixed ***

    Hi All, hoping someone can help here. The tailgate lock has broken (apparently quite a common problem on these) a piece of black plastic has broken away and now the tailgate won't lock. And because of that, NONE of the doors lock as it's upset the central locking. I need to remove the interior...
  9. Hello All from a Modus supporter

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Let me explain; my daughter has the 2004 Modus dCi, which I am hoping to help her with keep on the road but from a distance of some 150 I'm doing what I can to help her gain knowledge on this car and to keep it on the road. I'm hoping that the forum will reach parts that a Haynes...
  10. Easiest route for cable from battery into cabin - Modus

    Hey folks, I'm looking to run a permanent live from the battery into the cabin to run some small constants that I need to run all the time for work. I've got the wiring hooked up to the battery but can't for the life of me figure out any somewhat easy route to place the wires through into the...
  11. Modus poor air flow through vents.

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Evening all, having an issue with poor air flow coming from air vents. Changed cabin filter and it has slightly improved but not by much. I can hear what I assume is the fan which increases accordingly to the speed control dial. the air flow seems strong when I place my hand where the cabin...
  12. Couple of Modus electronics questions?

    Hey folks, Thanks for your help so far- I've recently picked up a 55 plate Modus primary for commutes and longer drives to prevent adding miles to the 'new' car. Drives like a dream (having done nearly 160k!) and been serviced religiously, passed every MOT with flying colours bar a couple of...
  13. Modus Instrument Cluster Light Fuse

    Ask the Experts
    Hey folks, Trying to figure out which fuse runs the lights behind the instruments on my Modus(55 plate). All the lights on the Speedo work fine but the lights behind the heater controls are dead. Any clues? Fine during the day but becoming a slight hindrance at night! Cheers all
  14. modus won't start, "low/check oil pressure" **Solved**

    hello everyone. my name is Matteo. i'm a simple french guy who love to resolve car electronic troubleshooting and i came and subscribe to your forums because i am totaly "blocked" with my modus. my modus 1.5 dci 2004, 65 cv no longer start. 288000 kms when i turn the key there is no crank...
  15. Grand Modus under body panel

    Hi, I need to get to the space between the front grill and the radiator on my Grand Modus. I have removed two screws and two bolts but the underbody panel does not move. Are there other fixings that I have missed?
  16. Modus brake lights not working

    Hi all I have a 2004 Modus and have recently found that all 3 brake lights aren't working. The 10A fuse is ok, so I suspected the pedal switch. I removed it and cleaned up the contacts on it and the multiplug. When I put it back, the lights still didn't work so I moved the wires gently on the...
  17. Modus 2006 dash panel **Sorted**

    General Chat
    I have all the bulbs change in the dash panel but it still not that bright is there a buttonsome where to brighten or dimit please TIA
  18. Trouble starting 2006 Modus

    I have a 2006 modus with 160k km on it. I went to start it the other morning and the engine would not start. I get a message on the screen saying gearbox overheating. All electrical systems seem to work and everything else appears normal. I live in iceland and it has been pretty cold the last...
  19. Switched 12 volts in Grand Modus

    Hi, can anyone tell me where I can pick up an 'Ignition switch' switched 12 volts supply under the bonnet of my 2008 Petrol engine Grand Modus. I would also like to download the wiring circuit if you know where I can find it, I have looked without success.
  20. modus drivers door

    wind caught by heavy wind tonight door isn***8217;t closing properly no visual damage to around hinges question is what is the method to realign this can someone give me pointers in right direction to fix