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    Hi All, My Trafic has gone for a full 5 months without giving any grief but now she's started to just stop I've put my friends Delphi on it and it came up with the attached. Does it mean I should just change the MAF sensor or is it something more cryptic !!! LOL.
  2. Electronics
    I have searched but not found a proper solution so hope someone can guide me. I pick up my 1.9 2011 Grand Scenic tomtom privalege on Thursday, as a serious music lover I want to change the stock Audio equipment to one with pre-outputs etc. However I want to retain use of not just the steering...
  3. Formula 1 news their 11 rivals wrapping up their test sessions on Thursday, Lotus had the Valencia track all to themselves on Friday. The team, who arrived in Spain a day later than the rest, managed to cover 810 kilometres, with race drivers Heikki...
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    I have temporarily removed the mood manager as this is slowing page loading significantly.
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    I have no longer got the option to change my mood did a search tried the suggestions still not there Not really a big issue but I have been starving for months:d Wouldnt mind changing it I'm running IE7 no adware or spyware blockers running only ESET Personal Security Please help I'm...
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    I have a problem with dentists. To say a problem is a understatement really its more a phobia. Sick freaks! I have to have a tooth "extracted" at 3.15 today and I'm bricking it. It HAS to come out as well, It shattered on Friday, Saw the emergency dentist on Saturday as I was in AGONY and had...
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    As per above! Cheers!
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    The option to change my mood haas disappeared. I did a search on this and discovered another thread with the same idea. Someone suggested it may be something to do with the internet browser I use, ( Internet Explorer 7) but I had the option a couple of weeks ago, and now its gone:( . Any...
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    [Split from thread discussing missing avatars] does this also include changing your mood icon?