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  1. Failed MOT on emissions

    Ask the Experts
    I have a 2004 Renault laguna 1.8 16v which failed the test miserably on emissions. I was advised to have a new Lambda sensor and Catalytic converter fitted which I did at a cost of £394 when it was fitted the emissions weer tested and appeared to be ok. I returned to the garage that did the...
  2. mot at halfords, failed, not sure if dodgy

    Cars & motoring
    hello, i failed my mot yesterday. i got: do not drive until repaired two tyres under 1.6mm repair immediately: headlamp lens seriously defective offside, nearside headlamp aim projected beam image is obviously incorrect both sides anti roll bar linkage pin or bush worn repair as soon as...
  3. Mot time for the G-Scenic 2008 again.... FAILED!! lol

    Steering and Suspension
    Well put the G-Scenic in for a MOT as due June 19th and the old girl failed... on o/s/f ball joint -- OK I admit it, I did N/S last year and put the matching O/S new balljoint in the drawer under drivers seat, where its stayed for 12 months...... and the n/s/f drop link which I replaced...
  4. Mot emissions fail, hydrocarbon really high *** Sorted ***

    Could anyone please give me some help on a Renault laguna mot issue, failed badly on emissions, never owned a Renault, and more of a dirty diesel guy, but this is a petrol 1.8 engine hydrocarbon 629 meant to be no more than 200, Ring any bells anyone?
  5. Last call for 1989 Renault 19 MOT Failure

    For sale
    Guys and Gals, This is the last call for anyone interested in acquiring my ‘89 Renault 19 TSE, which failed the MOT recently. (See my previous post). If I don’t hear from anybody by close of play today, I am unfortunately going to have to scrap the car. So have a serious think because when...
  6. Renault 19 MOT Failure For Sale

    For sale
    My 1989 Renault 19 TSE 1400 5 Speed has failed the MOT,primarily due to an oil leak from the head gasket as well as one from thegearbox. The head gasket leak is long standing but a new item was added to theMOT test this year regarding pollutionand it failed on this as well as a few other...
  7. New MOT rules?

    Cars & motoring
    I've taken my car to the same MOT test station for the last 12 years and I have never been given a clean pass certificate. Whilst my cars have always past first time the tester has always added an advisory or two to the certificate...let me give you a few examples. Exhaust dirty. Unable to...
  8. MOT help. Rough cost?

    Cars & motoring
    MOT just failed on 2011 Renault Megane. Worrying about cost and garage now closed. Coukd anyone estimate how much the below would cost: Stop lamps not working Headlamp insecure Registration plate lamp inoperative Shock absorbers has a serious fluid leak offside rear Tyre has a cut in...
  9. Failed MOT. No ABS or SERV Light. **Solved**

    Hi, I have a 2007 Trafic 2.0dci. Have it about 18 months and don't think the ABS or SERV lights have worked since i got it. Never really took notice. I did a calibration test and they dont light up then either. I think i would have passed the retest if they weren't testing another trafic behind...
  10. 1st MOT in 3 years

    General Chat
    So here is my Megane, I bought it in 2015 with 11 months MOT and a snapped cambelt. Bought another engine and a spares car and inbetween boughts of ill health managed to service the engine and put a new cambelt kit on before fitting it into the car, changed the roof from the donor car as the...
  11. New MOT rules

    Cars & motoring
    I've heard a lot about the new MOT rules that have come out. I understand that they categorize defects into dangerous major minor and advisory. before it was either a pass or fail and if you failed and if it was before your MOT expiry then technically your MOT was still valid and you could drive...
  12. Kwik fit mot fail... no sense

    General Chat
    Hi guys just had the van to kwik fit for a mot and its failed... the reason they have gave for failure is (os front service brake severely binding) however on the brake roller test print out all the test parts for binding have passed so how can this be ???
  13. Grand Espace 3.5L Petrol 7 Seater. Rare Configuration. **SOLD**

    For sale
    This car has been up for sale for a while now and have had little interest. This is a VERY RARE car as there are only 24 in the UK with this engine configuration last time i checked. It is the same engine that is in a version of the Nissan skyline and the Nissan Z350. The insides have been...
  14. Renault Clio - MOT Ambiguity - Rear Exhaust Silencer

    Hello, I had an MOT completed recently and the extortionate price of fixing the car has led me to fixing as much of the car as possible myself. I have fixed 90% of the problems that arose so far, however I can't seem to find any info on the failure of the 'Rear Exhaust Silencer' being insecure...
  15. Help with mot advisories before purchasing car.

    Cars & motoring
    Please could someone help me. As I'm a lady lol. ***x1f601;
  16. New Ruling for MoT's

    Motoring news
    They are after yer money folks!!!:frown2::|
  17. MoT Emission Result

    Cars & motoring
    This is the result of my emission test today, apart from passing it doesn't mean a thing to me so can some kind soul decipher it for me, cheers:wink2: .
  18. Service n MoT

    Cars & motoring
    Service n MoT tomorrow, when I booked my car in I was asked if wanted the service? Of course, as I have it done yearly, but they said it only wants servicing every two years, I know this but I want it servicing yearly,ok got it booked in. Today a phone call confirming the booking as the car is...
  19. Clio 3 update - MOT, headlight bulbs, front springs and handbrake cable.

    Cars & motoring
    Been a while since I posted so the update on our little Clio estate. MOT was due so had a look over it and both front springs had lost the lowest part of the coil. Also the handbrake was ineffective on one wheel. Bought a pair of Anschler springs from a well known European motor factor chain...
  20. New Mot Laws

    General Chat
    Two new laws that are IN.. if vehicle lights are non standard, then a fail, as in, if you have led's or HID's not fitted as standard fail, The other nasty one.. this is really unfair for someone who only potters around town Our emission laws have always allowed on a full beta test of the system...