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  1. I think it may be time to say goodbye to motoring

    Cars & motoring
    Looks like we motorists are going to get it in the neck once more..:steam:
  2. New Motoring Mag hits the High Street

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  3. Winter Motoring Tips

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    Winter is coming, be prepared.
  4. Renault Clio 1.2RL 5 door, cheap reliable motoring

    For sale
    Renault Clio 5 door hatchback Mk1 phase 3 which has been a very reliable and economical car over the 7 years I have owned the car. The car has been well maintained and I have kept the history on the car while in my ownership. In the past year the car has had replacement discs, front brake...
  5. German Motoring Terms (Slightly NSFW)

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Speedometer = Der Egobooster und Linenshooter Bonnet = Pullnob und Knucklechopper Windscreenwiper = Der Flippenflappenmuckenschpredder Puncture = Die Phlatt mit Bluddyfukken Air Horns = Der Votderhellsdat Klaxonfanfaren Petrol = Das Kostlijooze fuer Geddinzegreesoffendertrousers Motor Club...
  6. first renault in 37 years of motoring

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi all have just bought a renault scenic fidji 1.8 2002 for the wife to use but i actually love driving it. So comfortable and effortless i can see why people like the automatic versions. one of the best forums i have seen around, used it as a visitor when my son had a laguna for a while to...
  7. economy motoring

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    Hi everybody, I am an OAP who still requires a car to exist! My son is self employed in motor finance and advised that a Renault scenic diesel would be a go choice ( My wife found getting out of the Rover 75 was difficult as it is quite low) The Scenic seems to fit the bill nicely but we had an...
  8. A famous motoring organisation

    My 52 plate 1.9dci laguna tourer threw a wobbler the other day......... Drove down to shops no problem at all with no indication whatsoever of any probs......went into shop, came back out and car wouldnt start, engine turned over but wouldnt fire, and red 'STOP' light and red engine warning...
  9. motoring offence

    General Chat
    anyone have any advice, mate alleged failed to stop/dangerous driving on bike. He had been beat over head wi wine bottle and glassed wi wine glass of former girlfriend. she walked into police station alleging he was drink driving (he was not) as he left her. Police past in opposite direction not...
  10. Future of motoring.

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  11. Motoring diary of a pauper - Scenic I

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there, I think I'd like to take this opportunity to share with everyone my experience of owning and maintaining a mk1 Scenic. Hopefully I can build this post into a repository of practical advice to be shared and maybe entice some other people into assisting me with thier own advice. First...
  12. Another Years Motoring

    Cars & motoring
    Well my bus has passed another MOT with no advisories although I know the front pads need changing. I put 4 tyres on it 3 weeks ago and had tracking done (tyre monkey snapped bolt in T/R end so wasted an hour of my life waiting for them to sort) and I should be good for another 12mths apart from...
  13. Free Online Tv Motoring History Archive

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    Some cracking stuff on here folks :)
  14. The Best Things in Motoring.....

    General Chat
    I was thinking, on the way back from Inverness, about the better things in motoring. Aside from the pleasures of driving I was trying to think what gives the most pleasure. I don't think you can beat a fresh set of wipers - for the first few months they work so well!! I hope you don't think...
  15. Has the cost of motoring come down

    Cars & motoring
    I was reading through a local motoring magazine and it was doing some comparison figures for the cost of motoring over the years. It mention that the cost of a years road tax in 1973 was 2.08% of the new cost of a family car (they quoted an Austin 1300). They then went to look at the same...
  16. Tale of motoring woe

    Till recently my son had BMW M3 E46 Model it was a convertible with the paddle shift SMG model,he bought it at 18k miles beleiving that this kind of money can buy you motoring bliss WRONG; it was back at BMW twice for alarming engine surging when cold,very dangerous when entering main road,BMW...
  17. practical motoring - the return!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Well after a few months of owning a classic mini and restoring it I have returned to practical car ownership. Purchased a 3 year old 1.9 dCi Laguna Sport Tourer with 50k on the clock. 12 months mechanical warranty and 12 months MOT, also dealer put it through a full service and replaced the...
  18. German motoring terms

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Indicators - Die Blinkenleiten-ticken-tocken Bonnet - Pullnobund Knucklechopper Exhaust - Spitzenpoppenbangertuben Speedometer - Der egobooster und linenshooter Clutch - Die Kuplink mit schlippen und schaken Puncture - die phlattazfshrtz Learner Driver - Die twatten mit elplatz Estate car...
  19. Puting the cost of motoring into perspective - how the other half lives...

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there, I was fixing 4 chips in a car's windscreen today - the car was a Hummer H2 - a car so large (photos don't do it justice), that I was using a stepladder to reach the chips on the screen. I was speaking to the owner (who was as interested in my repair technique, as I was in his car -...
  20. trouble free motoring

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All, Just like to say, been down to cornwall for new years celebrations, total of 640 miles .Thought i would speak in praise of my lag2 V6 . Very comfortable , engine purring all the way , auto-box in traffic jams made life a lot easier , around 34mpg. Cannot praise her enough ... so i am...