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  1. Motorola TK30

    Hi I recenly fitted this in the car but have had several issues.. wondered if anyone elase has and how they may have fixed them?? 1) When used during a call, the speedo stopped working!... since found out that it was the mute wire, so i have disconnected this and fixed that issue! 2) i now...
  2. bluetooth compatibility - arkamys motorola

    Hello all, my first post. I have a megane 3 I-music tourer (10 plate) which refuses to pair with my new motorola gleam+ phone, but does pair with my son's blackberry. The fail message appears on the radio panel as soon as the phone takes the pairing option.(it sees the radio OK and pairs...
  3. Bluetooth question for you electrical type people (Gen7) I just bought a Motorola HF

    I just bought a Motorola HF850 Bluetooth setup for the wifes Accord. The unit itself has a mute wire to use with aftermarket stereos so your radio will mute on incoming calls. I was thinking about t'ing off the wire that goes from the volume down button on the steering wheel to the back of the...