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    Hi there. Now today squirted the windscreen wipers, squirts as normal and now suddenly the motor continues as if its squirting a couple of extra times before it turns off. in other words after I have left the lever go it just makes the noise ,like its still squirting 2 or 3 extra squirts. No...
  2. Ask the Experts
    Hi, I need to buy two front wiper motors for my 2009 plate Renault Scenic. I'm wondering if the front wiper motors from a Renault Grand Scenic MK3 would fit my car. Any help is much appreciated. Aarron
  3. Cars & motoring
    Apologies, but I wasn't sure what sub forum to post this in. HAs anyone actually signed up for the three year service plan from Bristol Street Motors (or Renault)? It would help to get some feedback and/or opinions on this since my dealership has been offering me this plan for approx £12 a...
  4. Engines
    Hi, Broken crank bearing damaged my motor. Need help with replacement motor. According to local Renault dealer, the engine code is F9Q-796. My car is 2003 model and with the manual gearbox. Can I use an engine with a different engine code, for example 740, and what are the differences...
  5. Electronics
    Where have you bought central locking motors? I've tried search, but found none proof to be for 2001 Espace 3 mk 2. Central locking motor in german: stellmotor zentralverriegelung france: servomoteur central
  6. Electronics
    The drivers side front and rear windows were intermittently working, then stopped altogether. Local garage took door apart and diagnosed that the motors weren't working, regulator ok. I sourced some 2nd hand ones, but got back in the car today and both windows are now working perfectly!! So...
  7. For sale
    Pair of motors arms and wipers from my 02 perfectly.great condition. £80 delivered?offers? Also factory cd head unit from same vehicle. £40 delivered?offers? [email protected] or 07974420999
  8. For sale
    I have 3 electric window motors for sale for a Scenic 1. 2 of them are for the drivers side, and the other is for the passenger side. They are the bare motor, nothing else and all are working. £5 each plus postage.
  9. Cars & motoring
    Hi , I have just moved to Rubery in Birmingham and I need some jobs doing on my laguna , ie window regulators , rear axle bushes and an engine problem , it cuts out now and then and my revs drop at a standstill with clutch in , doesn't happen all the time ? Anyway I'm looking for someone to do...
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    hi i have a renault grand espace 3.0 initiale 2003 and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to gain access to the 2 sunroof motors?. thanks
  11. Electronics
    Are the window motors in a 2006 megane the same in a 3 door and a 5 door
  12. Wanted
    I'm looking for replacement central locking motors for both rear doors of my '98 Scenic if anyone is breaking a mk1 Scenic. Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers:toast:
  13. My mottah!
    Well heres the problematic 'guna: 100k privilege spec Only bought it cheap as a daily runner to keep the miles and fuel costs down for this, my pride and joy. Spec: Engine 1.8 20vt Mahle Forged pistons Forged con rods Uprated Sputter bearings Tubular Manifold Garrett GT2871R...
  14. Electronics
    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if it's a big job to DIY replace the rear central locking motors on a 1999 Megane Scenic? I think I read somewhere that the glass has to be removed to gain access to them?? One worked intermittently for a while and I greased the control bar, sprayed wd-40 into the...
  15. Engines
    I have a 2007 Grand Scenic II 1.5 dci. It has 60k miles on the clock. I currently live in Gibraltar (that is relevant when you read the rest of my post). In Feb this year the starter motor burned out. A friend who runs a small garage took the starter out, got it reconditioned in Spain and...
  16. Engines
    Noticed the temp gauge was a bit higher than normal and that the Rad fans hadn't kicked in. Tried to spin them around and they are seized! Has anyone had a Renault Cooling fan issue like this before? In need of spares s/h or new I guess or was wondering if anyone has had electric automotive...
  17. Engines
    does anyone know if a starter motor off a t reg renault kangoo will fit my renault scenic 02 plate. Thanks
  18. Engines
    I have a 2006 Renault Megane 1.4 The off side and near side winows do not work. I think the elecric motors are U.S. How can I replace the motors Thank You:confused:
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    Hi All from SDN Motors! Some of you, particularly if you live in or near Winchester will probably know SDN Motors at Kings Worthy. We specialise in servicing and repairs for Renaults old and new. The business is under new management now, and we're offering a 10% discount on all services to...
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    We're delighted to be able to offer discounts on servicing and repairs to members in the Winchester area. Full details from SND Motors follow: SDN Motors specialize in repairs and servicing for all Renault cars, old and new. We're based in Winchester, Hampshire just 5 minutes from Junction 9 of...