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  1. Rear mounting Clio dCi mk2 2001

    Hi all, I had an advisory last year for the rear exhaust mount so have been looking to replace it. The garage advised they're a bit expensive, around £20 so did a workaround to save me a few quid. I want to ensure I'm getting the right part and can see some square types on eBay for under a...
  2. Mounting phone as a navigation/music device.

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all, I am thinking of mounting an old phone (galaxy note 3) as a navigation/music store into my scenic 2. This will connect via Bluetooth to the aux lead (already got that bit done). I am considering mounting it behind the steering wheel. I figure most cars have the instruments there so...
  3. Bolts for mounting transmission **Sorted**

    I've got a scenic mk 2 1.9dci from early 2003. The other day the transmission dropped out on the passenger side. Snapped the drive shaft too. On inspection two of the three mounting bolts had vanished and the third was only kept in by the underside of the engine mounting plate. It had worked...
  4. RX4 Broken top mounting on rear spring

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a RX4 and the top mounting on the rear spring is broken allowing the spring to slide up and down.Does anyone know weather this can be repaired or will I need to get a whole rear sub frame.I am not mechanically minded so am just asking before I pay for a garage to look at it.
  5. Mounting R.S 5 speed gearknob (Clio 4)

    Hi there. I would really like some advice regarding how to dismount the standard (Limited trim) gearknop and mounting a R.S 5 speed gearknop in a Clio 5 speed 2017 model. The gearknop are extremely tight mounted, and i can't get it off :surprise: Even a mechanic made an attempt but he had to...
  6. Fire Extinguisher Mounting Clio Mk3

    Hello everybody, new to the forum as have just gained a Mk3 Clio in the family. No doubt there'll be more questions to come but for a kick off, is there a 'proper' place to mount a fire extinguisher? I'm still finding my way around but I couldn't locate any answers using search or FAQs.
  7. Centre console mounting bracket

    Hi. All. Having just passed the mot i thought i would give the old girl (Scenic 2 2005) a treat. I have got a centre console to fit instead of the flat tray.Easy job i thought after fitting new rear springs and front dampers. I find i am missing a mounting plate it seems it fits under the...
  8. Fog light mounting??

    Exterior styling
    Can someone please tell me where and how I mount foglights to my front bumper?
  9. Megane 225 Exhaust Mounting.

    Right, had an exhaust mount break about two weeks ago, sourced replacement no troubles however upon going to change said part, a corroded high tensile steel bolt sheared flush to the mounting plate, which is bad! However it turns out the plate that connects the exhaust mount to the underside of...
  10. Scenic sliding centre console mounting plate

    Hi, ive just bought a sliding centre console for my 2005 grand scenic, but it didnt come with the mounting plate (i shouldve checked...). Does anyone have one available? Are they strictly needed? Thanks in advance, Andy
  11. Battery mounting nut spinning

    Hi, Any advice greatly appreciated. The battery on our grand scenic is shot. however I cannot remove as the bolt keeping the mounting bracket is place is spinning with not apparent access point to grip the underside or nut to remove. Regards, Redmoog
  12. Scenic 1 Caliper Mounting Bracket

    Hi - Can you replace the Caliper Mounting Bracket on a Scenic Mk1? Basically you remove the caliper then remove the pads from the backet, sit new pads into the bracket and put the caliper back on. Can't seem to find the mounting bracket part for sale anywhere. Thanks
  13. gearbox mounting

    Hi, have a 2001 renault megane expression. On mot got an advisory for gearbox mounting.Could anyone tell me how to locate on gearbox and a description of how to replace. thanks
  14. Megane mk3 1.6 petrol alternator mounting bracket question.

    Hi, Just had our car serviced, and noticed that the bracket that holds the alternator appears to be missing a nut now. Should there be a nut on this thread? Thanks in advance.
  15. Scenic III - dash mounting phone/routing cables

    I'm looking to fit a dashboard mount for my iPhone, but I'm in a bit of a quandry as to the best place to put it. I use the Brodit proclip mounting system, and there seem to be three positions I could mount my phone: 1) On the middle air vents Pros: Ideal position for being able to see the...
  16. Stripped Caliper Mounting Point (On hub).

    Hi guys. I replaced the ABS reluctor ring on one side without any problems a couple of weeks ago. It turned out that the side I replaced was the only side damaged, so it sorted the ABS issues. I thought I might as well do the other side as that'll sure to be rusting through soon, especially as...
  17. Scenic 2 - rear bushing mounting change?

    Steering and Suspension
    Or- Renault 7701479190 FLEXIBLE HINGE Thats what my techican told me today. So pls advice is there a problem if I keep goin with the old one or i must change them ? In the garage they want to charge me 150 for change...:eek:
  18. Scenic II dCi Engine Mounting

    Hi All, (mods please move relevant section or delete if not needed) My other Scenic (dCi 130) had a serious vibration issue that was particularly bad at idle, my suspicions were the top right engine mounting. These are fluid filled to improved their performance. Removing it was easy enough...
  19. scenic rear engine mounting bracket

    How do i change the rear engine mounting bracket on my scenic 1.6 2001, do i have to jack up the gear box or do i just unbolt the bracket and replace with the new one.
  20. Megane III mounting LED lights

    hi, I just bought a 2012 Megane III and would like to mount the LED lights, the same LED lights that are standard on the Dynamic model. Anyone experience with this? And where to order besides at the dealer? (My dealer here in Denmark is asking a whopping 510 GBP for it including mounting :eek...