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  1. Exhausts
    Just found out one of my exhaust mountings on the safety strap so need replacements. However im a little confused. It look's different to the usual oval rubber ones im used too. I haven't been under the car to look at the middle mount but im going to replace it anyway for peace of mind. Now are...
  2. Engines
    Hi new on here so dont know if theres a thread already i have a one owner 2007 megane extreme 1.6 its like new then i noticed as i was rolling slowly in first in traffic just lightly slowing and picking up in first and i noticed forward movement with accelerator down and backward with easing...
  3. Engines
    Engine and gearbox now rest on chassis and exhaust touches underside, all on nearside would this be mounting on the nearside ?
  4. Bodywork
    I have a 1995 Renault Trafic campervan which I want to fit a towbar to.I have purchased the said towbar from ebay.Perfect in everyway as it is a genuine unit.I require 2 nuts that fit into 2 square holes in the chassis of the vehicle to complete the mounting.I have been to my local renault...
  5. Engines
    any ideawherei can get engine mountings for a1984 trafic camper?
  6. Engines
    Replaced renault scenic engine1.6 expression (2002) at dealership.Done 2300km since fitment in January 2011.Entire engine loose on mountings,engine bolt threads stripped.advise please.I suspect they replaced it with incorrect threaded bolts.
  7. Engines
    Ola peeps. If this has been asked before please slap me. The story goes. My 2002 laguna 1.9dci had to get recovered due to the front drivers coil spring giving way. That got sorted and i got the car back happy as larry as it was covered under the warranty i paid extra for when i got the car...
  8. Transmissions
    Hi all; first post and thanks for a great site; I've already sorted my starting problems (1.9 non turbo Kangoo) with the help of the info in the forum. Just one more thing I need help with, and that is advice on engine and/or gearbox mountings. At present, I have excessive gearstick movement and...
  9. Engines
    I have a 04 1600 Scenic II auto, Ive noticed recently that when it changes gear there can be a "thump" the engine seems to have quite a bit of "play" when it is rocked back and forward, Ive managed to check a newer model and it appears to be the same, any suggestions?
  10. Engines
    Hi all Just changed the bottom mounting on my laguna but still have juddering, was looking today and found that moving the engine i seem to get a lot of play on the one under the battery, spoke to local dealer who said he has not known of one of these to go before ? I was just wandering how...