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  1. 'Advent' brand mouse problem

    Computer Club
    I'm just curious really.. wondering if this is a known 'thing' with the Advent mouse or just my particular Advent mouse! :idunno: It's a relatively new wireless keyboard & mouse, had it about 8 months or so. Right from the word go, the batteries in the mouse only lasted about 3 weeks! ...
  2. Computer Mouse to Die Imminently says Gartner

    Computer Club
  3. Test your mouse skills

    General Chat
    Hi This is my first post so I thought I would give you all a test that will be addictive.See what time you can get before throwing you mouse across the room. Mine is just over 16 secs. Click on this link. Escapa! All the best. F1KEV
  4. 4 cats and a Mouse

    General Chat
    4 naughty cats and a mouse :) I saved it before anyone says cruel ;)
  5. Weird mouse problems

    Computer Club
    Over the last week or so, I've installed a couple of Windows Update patches to two PCs. So why are BOTH machines now experiencing problems with the mouse? My tower system keyboard and mouse keep on failing. I have to reboot a couple of times and everything sorts itself out. On the laptop, the...