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  1. Anti roll bar moving

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys my anti roll bar was moving so i got new bushes as i was advised it would be them if the brackets and bolts were ok, they were. Anyway when putting it together again i niticed the bushes were not sitting flush together ( was an half inch gap) and i could still move the bar so i kept...
  2. 2nd too 1st while moving

    General Chat
    so how many put there car into first while still moving
  3. Sat nav favourites moving

    Hello all Merry Xmas I have just upgraded from my Renault Clio mk3 TomTom dynamique and bought a mk4 DCI Clio SNav with the newer touch screen built in system. I would love to transfer my satnav favourites from my Mk3 to my Mk4 Is this possible? I would hate to loose All my locations
  4. Vel Satis moving mirrors at the start

    Hi forum! I recently brought a true gem my Vel Satis 04 3.5 v6. Almost zero issues with the car and one is the mirrors. So, every time I start the car an srart driving mirrors gor in a position that I can only see the bottom of the road. It is annoying and a little dangerous if I don't set them...
  5. Clio 2004 gearstick moving while driving

    Hi, i went to the garage and explained that my gearstick moves while accelerating, he said that i need to replace the dogbone gearbox mount, i then replaced the dogbone mount but its still the same and gears still move when driving, i think he must have replaced tge wrong component should i have...
  6. Clio II 2007 - Central air vent blades not moving

    Heating & cooling
    Hi. When I change the direction of the air flow on my front central air vents, the blades which are directing the flow are not moving. Only 1 of 5 does. Is there a connector pin or something that all blades are attached to or how do I fix this. I kjnow that you can unclip the outer blades but...
  7. moving key slot in door

    My Modus only has key slot on passenger door and wondered if anyone has tried and succeeded in moving the lock to the drivers door? or is there a way to signal the remote actuators by turning the key so other doors unlock?.
  8. Megane lurching in slow moving traffic

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I have a 2010 Megane cabriolet GT 2.0 petrol and for the last few weeks in slow moving traffic it seems to be doing what i can only describe as lurching. Any ideas what might be causing this? I have owned the car for 2 years now and it has 20k on the clock.
  9. car not moving

    Hi guys have had a fault on my car for the last few days since i changed the clock spring which is still faulty i am waiting for the refurbed spring to come back tomorrow so have the air bag light and spanner light on but over the last week sometimes when you try to pull off the cat wont rev at...
  10. vibration in the steering wheel on moving Megane II

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have a Renault Megane II Classic 2.0i 16V Automatic. My car has started to get very high vibration in the steering wheel recently. The vibration only comes when the car is moving, specially at low speeds. However, when the car is not moving there is no vibration on the steering wheel...
  11. Moving A/C from one car to another

    Heating & cooling
    I have bought a scrap Clio from my mate to fix my clio, they are the exact same engine but im wondering if it possible to move the A/C from the scrap car to mine?
  12. Oil Pressure dial not moving.

    Hello I have a scenic 1. It's a 1997, 1.6 8v. I have more or less restored it apart from one thing which is quite annoying. When I start the cars the dash is fine but after a short drive when it is warmed up when the revs go below 1.5k revs the oil light flashes and the lower the revs the...
  13. scenic 2.. gearstick moving forward and back

    Hi everyone, im new to the forum, im here to see if any experts can point me in the right direction on my issue which seems quite common, just cant find any answers to.. my wifes 04 scenic 1.4 petrol has been driving oddly since last week.. the gearstick shoots back and forth whilst driving...
  14. windows only moving in increments

    hey everyone! after replacing the Brake Servo on my lovely Espace MK4 (great fun BTW) the windows only go up and down in about 2" increments. it used to be that if you held the switch down or up it would go all the way up or down. but now they will only move about 2" per button press?!?!? does...
  15. Clutch bite slowly moving towards the floor

    Right, I have a renault espace mk4 1.9dci. A while ago my clutch started to dissapear until it was gone, it only happened on cold starts and after about 20 minutes of driving it was like new. I took it to a garage and they said I needed a new clutch kit, so he replaced that but said my master...
  16. clio not moving at all because of automatic problem

    am in Ghana and have a 2003 Renault clio with atomatic transmission which can be driven both manually and automatic.the car cannot move now cause the gear box sign appers on the board.if u jack one side of the tyre and accelerate it runs but if its down the gear changes itself from1 to 2 gear...
  17. Put car into reverse while moving forward. 2002 Scenic 1.6 Auto

    So, Yes I did it. Foolish and stupid, but I put the car into reverse when doing about 100kmh. :crazy: No there is no engagement at all in any of the gears, and when placed back into PARK, there is a ratcheting sound. Have I destroyed the gear box? Might it be the Spline Joint? Any help is...
  18. Scenic 2001 Speedo Not Moving

    Hi all, I am a complete newbie when it comes to anything cars! I have noticed similar threads to this but feel I perhaps need some more info (sorry if this is the wrong thing to do). Anyway, my Mum has a 2001 Scenic and recently the speedo has stopped moving. I used an OBD tool and noticed...
  19. Laguna 2001 Not moving

    I have a laguna 2001 automatic that does not move forward but can reverse. What do I do to get the vehicle back on the road. The gear box was once replaced
  20. T-Reg Scenic 1.6 Blowing warm air only when moving

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone I have fixed 1 problem thanks to this forum only to be stumped by another. First of my fans were not blowing any air so removed the blower fan and repaired it, now blowers work fine on all speeds. The problem I now face is that I only get warm air coming through when I am driving...