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  1. Laguna 3 mp3 ipod

    hi just bought a box from ebay to play a ipod or from usb mp3 files but it doesnt work. i have a laguna 3 initilae with a cabbasse tronic head unit it has a blue plug on the back but it doesnt appear to power the unit any help would be great
  2. radio usb MP3 problem...

    Hello, i have megane 3 2012 1.5 dci with tomtom navigation (dont know when it was updated) and i have an issue... my USB stick has like 600 songs (2.08gb) but it shows only like 50 or so and repeats them, up to certain letter since it is sorted alphabeticly, so is there any way to solve this...
  3. mp3 install

    Hi, new here guys.... My car is grand espace 2007 with cabasse 6 cd head unit. Does anyone now where to locate the aux input for the installation of an mp3 unit? I have pulled the radio out.... and there is just one plug on the side and no other ports!
  4. Laguna III USB Mp3 not longer work

    Good evening to all, I have a Laguna iii Grandtour 150CV 4nav and from a few days the radio mp3 player does not work with the usb pen inserted in the central tunnel. The radio shows the message "no connected auxiliary equipment". I already tried to remove the radio fuse but the problem remained...
  5. Renault scenic 2005 radio MP3 adapter

    Hi There Hope you can help I have a Renault scenic 2005 with a Renault radio model no 132-10 There is a socket on the rear on the rh side when viewed from the back where a plug can be fitted. I believe this socket can be used to put an MP3 socket into the car All the adverts I see are for a...
  6. Connecting a MP3 player (e.g. Android mobile phone) to Laguna II Radio/CD unit?

    The unit in my Laguna is just like that in the picture attached. It's the factory-spec standard radio/CD with an in-dash 6 CD changer. Unfortunately, its manual didn't come with the car. I'm struggling to trim down my music collection to just 6 audio CDs. So I've been wondering whether I can...
  7. Clio Media Display Album Art

    Does anyone know anything about embedding album art into MP3s to appear on the display screen of the Renault Clio? Some of the art displays, some doesn't, it's frustrating, and I'd like it to appear if I have it. I think it just looks nicer. My music is all on a small USB that i plug directly...
  8. play MP3 files in 2006 Megan CC

    Hi! I have an 06 Megan CC with a radio/cd player marked that it will play MP3 files and it does, sort of! It plays them in the order they were put on the disc but the facia clearly shows that I should be able to choose which folder to play. This I am not able to do! I am almost to the point...
  9. MP3 Navigation - TunePoint Bose

    Am probably being really dim here but... Have 2012 Scenic Bose Edition when I plug a USB key in with MP3 tracks they play perfectly fine but when I use either the head unit controls or the remote on the steering wheel to navigate the MP3 folders (one album per folder) the active playing song...
  10. MP3 input to Espace Mk IV 6CD head unit

    Hi all After a thorough trawl through various posts on this topic I've drawn a blank. I want to add an MP3 input to the Cabasse 6-CD in-dash stereo, but the plugs don't seem to match previous photos/instructions. I've found what seems to be the tuner unit under the driver's dashboard (it has...
  11. Clio 4 MediaNav MP3 limits

    In-car entertainment
    Hiya all as you all may agree that for a brand new car this is a terrible sounding entertainment system. But more than just the sound issues, does anyone know what sort of limits there are on the type of MP3s that it will play thru the USB? I have worked out it wont play MP4s, but my...
  12. Megane CD player, MP3 compatible

  13. Renault Megane 2005 mono cd play mp3

    Hi iam using Renault Megane 2005 V1.6 Car and am trying to play mp3 songs in mono CD , but CD is not reading and throwing error as Error in CD. My Question is will Mono CD play mp3 songs?if not what i need to do play CD?
  14. Question about the Tuner list radio with MP3

    Hi - I just bought a megane 2004 1.5 DCI 80 and this is my first thread on the forum =] I am hoping to connect the tuner list radio to my phone(3.5mm jack), but i dont seem to be able to find any aux in cables avaliable for tuner list radios ... Is the 2005 onwards update list radio AUX in...
  15. Laguna III - MP3 USB/CD Card options

    Hi. I have a Laguna III (2008) with Satnav/Bluetooth and MP3 CD player all fitted. The car does not have a cd-multichanger or USB/Aux ports though. On my two previous cars (A 2002 Citroen C5 and a 2004 Nissan Primera) I fitted an XCarLink device which gave MP3 playing ability by fooling the car...
  16. Megane 3 - navigate MP3 folders

    Our new Megane has the R-Plug&Radio / TomTom. Wondering if anyone knows if you can move between folders on a MP3 filled CD. Reading the manual it says to use the left/right arrows and steering control wheel to change tracks ... but nothing about folders? Our 3 year old Clio allowed you to...
  17. add mp3 to espace radio

    In-car entertainment
    Hi everyone. Im hoping to add my phone to the aux of my 02 grand espace radio can any one help with this. Which cable do I need Im hoping I can connect to my mini usb for my phone. Hope someone can help. Thanks
  18. add mp3 to espace radio

    Hi everyone Im hoping to add mp3 to my 02 mk3 grand espace radio I have researched a little and found it depends on what radio I have etc. The radio has a aux button and im hoping its gonna be straight forward to achieve just running a cable to connect to my phone through a 3.5 jackplug. Thanks
  19. Update List replacement (MP3)?

    Hi I have an issue with the Update List tuner in my wife's Scenic 2. It isn't taking in or spitting out CDs. The sensors work and the motors run but the drive doesn't get to the CDs. Probably not worth fixing so I've decided to replace it. My wife really likes the feature of the display being...
  20. Does 2006 Clio III 1.4 Expression have RCA output for my amp. Can it play MP3's?

    Ive got a 2006 Renault Clio III 1.4 Expression. Ive literally been searching everywhere on the internet, but can't find an answer to my questions: Does the standard Head Unit have a RCA output that i can connect to an Amp? Can the standard Head Unit play mp3's? What is the Model number or the...