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  1. Engines
    Hi wonder if someone could give me some advice I've got a 2012 Kangoo 1.6 Auto with only 32k on it. Last week the car wouldn't start after a short trip, would turn over but not fire, checked with diagnostic and no codes! Got RAC to look at it, they couldn't find fault but said it could be fuel...
  2. Engines
    Hi all, first time posting. Could anyone please help with any tips or know common faults for a scenic megane, 1.6 petrol, mpv, 55 plate. Engine code: k4md812d006937. Its a non starter, not turning over. The starter solenoid doesn't engage. I've been under the car and there isn't any voltage on...
  3. Interiors
    Hi, I'm travelling from NZ and hiring a Trafic 9-seat MPV in France for three weeks. I'll need to remove a couple of seats from the rear in order to carry our bikes - how easy, and what tools will I need? Cheers, and thanks for your advice. Roger
  4. Electronics
    Hello, I am new here. If everything goes well tommorrow, I will be the owner of a 2010 10 RENAULT SCENIC 2.0 DYNAMIQUE TOM TOM 6SP AUTOMATIC 5 Door Mpv I have what I hope is a fairly simple question. The car has Sat Nav. My question is Does the Sat Nav cover Europe & UK? If so, how do you...
  5. Interiors
    I have a Renault scenic II MPV. I wish to take of the back seats of completely. Does anybody know how to do this? I have brought the MPV for space and have been told in the past it can be done. I have tried but cannot see how it is done.
  6. Engines
    can anyone help me with the position of the fuses in the holders in the 1.6 petrol kangoo MPV? I have no power to the heater fan. can anyone help, Thanks.
  7. Bodywork
    cant read paintcode as seat belt has numbers scraped off its 2004 renault kangoo mpv and its red the question is which red
  8. Engines
    2004 1.5 dci replaced high pressure pump with new one from renault and have had all fuel lines cleaned tank removed and cleaned and the dam thing still wont start :devil:
  9. Interiors
    My wife broke the aerial by taking it to a car wash. I assume that I will need to drop the headlining and storage rack. Does anyone know how to remove/refit the headling as the shelf is just bolted on ...
  10. Engines
    My daughter has just bought a Jan 1999 1.6 (8 valve) Megane Scenic MPV - Manual gearbox. I have noticed that there is a light clicking noise when turning either left or right & suspect both CV joints are on their way out (90,000 mls). I believe you can only buy the driveshafts after a little...