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    This headline on msn today made me smile:laugh: "Where is the best place to put a car engine"?!!!!!!! Couldn't be bothered to read the rest>:)
  2. Computer Club
    Hiya guys and girls. I haven't been online for a while to post etc as I have been very busy and having a few problems at home. However, I came to log onto my MSN account earlier today, the first time in about 2 weeks and can't. I went to use the backdoor method with the security questions but...
  3. Computer Club
    Right you Mac fans..... Just setting up my new iMac and rather than installing Messenger for Mac, I was trying to see if I could use iChat for IM. I read that I could use jabber (built in to iChat) so that I could talk to my Messenger contacts, so I registered an account with
  4. Computer Club
    It's just taken me about 10 minutes to get signed in and none of my contacts are online. Anyone else having weird issues?
  5. General Chat
    just an idea but would anyone be intrested in a sticky thread with your MSN address name and what car you drive ?
  6. Regional activity
    Hello People just wondering weather anyone would like to put their msn address down so we can all speak on msn put down adress and nickname or user post in useuall way 1. [email protected] (chris or Benzie1988)
  7. Computer Club
    Anyone havin probs with msn messenger tonight? :( I've not been able to log in for a few hours and none of my e-mails are coming thru from hotmail to outlook express. Is it widespread? :crazy: :crazy: