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  1. Electronics
    I have a Renault Grand Espace 2.2 model is "The Race". It's a '52 plate and has a multi changer in the boot.... Pioneer I think. Months ago it suddenly stopped playing cds, error messages on the dash and wouldn't recognise it was even there, like it was getting no power. There is power to the...
  2. Electronics
    want to replace the single cd / radio, will a 6cd indah changer from another laguna work as long as it has the carminat radio part with it? only thing i am worried about it interchangeability
  3. For sale
    I have for sale a CD player with code and 6 disc multichanger. £40.00 collected Darlington May post but will have to check price on postage.
  4. Electronics
    Hi Guys, I have a Laguna 2 facelift (phase 2?). it's a 2.0 DCI sport tourer expression nav. i was wondering if it is possible to connect the head unit upto a CD multi-changer ? it has sat nav. Cheers Shugged
  5. Electronics
    Hi, After writing off my senic i went out and bought another, a 2007 and it did not have a cd multichanger so i got hold of the one out of my old car. What i would like to know is how do i go about wiring it in to the car-radio, as i suspect it is part of the loom.:confused:
  6. Electronics
    Hi All, I have a 6 disc cd changer in the boot of my Laguna Mk1. It has power as it ejects and loads discs ok, and i have checked the connection to the back of the changer is fine and secure. The problem is that the controls on the steering wheel stalk and head unit do not seem to know that...
  7. In-car entertainment
    hi guys can someone tell me which cd multiplayer thats compatible with the main cd radio in my rx4. ive had a look on ebay but theres so many and im not sure what connection the multiplayer has or where it would connect to when installing. can anyone advise on which model of multiplayer to...
  8. Electronics
    Just bought an 2004 RENAULT SCENIC DYNAMIQUE 16V and cannot seem to find the CD multichanger. Can someone please tell me? Thanks.
  9. Electronics
    hi i have just got my 2001 scenic and can someone tell me were i plug in a multichanger cd unit ,this would be great:cool:
  10. Electronics
    Hi, Can anyone help with this one Please? I can not get the CD Multichanger to play CD's, in fact the head unit does not recognise the CD multichanger at all. I have tried the source button on the head unit and the stalk and neither come up with the CD. I have power to the multichanger and...
  11. Electronics
    hi i have had my scenic for about 3 weeks now and have had no end of problems, the latest of them is my cd multichanger has just stopped working. It seems to me that there is no power going to it as i cannot even eject the cd's.. The head unit itself works fine just does not seem to find the...
  12. Electronics
    Is there a lead for cd multi changer anywhere in the boot of my laguna 3 2008 model
  13. Electronics
    I've not long had a Laguna 1 with a six disc alpine changer in the boot, anyone ever done a conversion to mp3 in anyway, another changer or a jukebox type unit?
  14. Electronics
    Hi I am looking into my options for getting a bluetooth setup and looks like a Parrot system seems the best option. Just want to know if, for example, I got a ck3100 would there be any extra wiring needed and is it straightforward enough. I have a 6 CD multichanger unit situated under the seat...
  15. Electronics
    Good Morning This is my first post so I hope I give you all the information you need to try to help me. Car is a 2006 (56 Plate) scnic with the Alpine 6 CD changer in a little compartment under the passengar seat, this compartment has a flap on the front. My issue is that the 6 CD changer...
  16. Electronics
    hi there jamie here, I have a renault laguna II (2003) and have a cd stuck in my cd player. its a cabasse auditorium tronic 6 disc front loading cd player. I put a disc in it and it started playing ok i then pushed the load button to put another disc in and it...
  17. Electronics
    Hello, this is my first post so hello everyone! I have a Scenic II (04) 1.6 16v petrol model with factory fitted Carminat monochrome sat nav and a 6 cd multichanger located under the passenger seat. I have taken the head unit out to find that it's a Becker BE 7411 model. I would like to be...
  18. Electronics
    I recently bought a laguna with the multichanger in it. As there is nothing obvious to get the thing going, I am stumpt as to what to do. I have located the multichanger in the boot, but do'nt know how to operate the thing. I am not a very technical person. Can anyone help? Thanks Derek
  19. Electronics
    I have an 06 Laguna with a single CD Headunit which was fitted by the manufacturer at the point of production. I have heard you can get a multi-changer to go in the slot below where the existing head-unit sits, but I have also read that only certain model numbers are compatible, depending on...
  20. Electronics
    I have just bought a Laguna II and would like to get a multichanger fitted. What is the Make/Model No. of the Renalt standard one? Approx. how much does it cost? Thanks.