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  1. All going Chinese! Who makes what now?

    Cars & motoring
    I need to replce the O'S/lower balljoint on my Scenic, so was going to do just the actual balljoint which is available on it's own. It needs pressing out, which means taking the arm off the car anyway so I decided to replace the whole arm including balljoint. Genuine Renault - bit pricey, so I...
  2. Song names over bluetooth

    Hi, I have factory MP3+Bluetooth player in my Megane 3, but when I play songs from phone,I don't see song names on display in my car. Everything else works just fine. I tried 3 phones, all using Android OS. Is there any fix for this? Is there maybe a way to update car stereo firmware to fix...
  3. What are the names of these parts?

    Hi, I am trying to track down some spares for our 2007 Espace. The first item is a trim that fits around the upper seat belt point on the rear seats. The second is a plastic insert which fits into the side of the rear seat. Does anyone know what these parts are called, or a Renault part...
  4. Silverstone Asking For Names For New Pits

    Other motorsports
    Silverstone has announced that it is now looking for a name for the new pit/paddock building and has asked for public input into choosing the name...... How...
  5. Eddie Stobart names

    General Chat
    Traditionally, all Eddie Stobart trucks are given girls names. I believe that originally, they used to be the names of the drivers wife/girlfriend/daughter. But, in recent years, they appear to be struggling to name new trucks (apparently, they don't carry names over) Once, I even saw a (gulp)...
  6. her names Megan and shes my Mottahh lol

    My mottah!
    shes megan shes done 61k and was born in 2004,ive done 6k since getting her in december lol Megane 1.6i 16v dynamique sport looking abit Rallyish :d on her Hols in Devon
  7. Odd or unusual Names

    General Chat
    I saw sometime back on the net a list of unusual name’s, here are three, of people I actually know. No Net surfing needed, required, or allowed please. :) What if any are odd or unusual names of people that you have actually met, or know. 1 Rivington Hermitt 2 Mick Dicker 3 Joy...
  8. Government blunder files thousands of DNA samples from criminals under the names of i

    General Chat
    Quite scary :crazy: :crazy:
  9. Baby Names

    General Chat
    Right all, I've be given the task of naming our, as yet, unborn. Female, by the way! My current 2 kids names are Alicia Robyn and Brooke Ngaire and I'm after something a little unusual but not too far out:) If any are good enough and I decide to use one or more then rep points are on me so...
  10. Chelsea Names Avram Grant as Successor to Mourinho

    Football U.K. & Ireland Chelsea named Avram Grant as Jose Mourinho's successor after the outgoing coach failed to give team owner Roman Abramovich the prize he most covets, the European Champions League. Grant, appointed director of football in July, will be assisted by former Blues...
  11. Amusing product names (NSFW)

    General Chat
    i've just read this from msn. :) some amusing product names from around the world. Do you know any more? The Mitsubishi Pajero – Nothing funny about that, you might think, but in Spanish the word Pajero translates as “¤¤¤¤er”. To solve the problem, the Pajero was known as the Montero in North...
  12. Flashing names -V- Who's visited info

    Ok You will no doubt recall the flashing usernames we had denoting various usergroups. This was fine on v3.5.4 but when I installed the "Total members that have visited the forum today" on the bottom of the forum list, this seemed to cause masses of browser activity We can therefore...
  13. anagrams of members names,

    General Chat
    alicatt............= tail act badams..........= bad sam clean image....= im a leg ace etc etc...carry on with the previous posters the next one is "bonedavid"
  14. Apt names

    General Chat
    Anybody know of people with meaningful names? The Gate Gourmet debacle is on the TV again tonight - and their spokesman is called Andy Cook