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  1. Is it time to Fly Your National Flag ?

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    Now the forum has a growing overseas membership would it be possible to have an option on the Dashboard settings to select the national flag of the country you live in? I've read some threads recently and one assumes the OP is in the UK but in the later replies it transpires they are for example...
  2. National Lottery

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    As most of you will be aware the price of a ticket will double to £2 per play this autumn:eek:. I've always had the same two lines of numbers ever since it started all those years ago, all I've ever won is a couple of tenners :(. So now it costs around £20 per month which will shortly double...
  3. grand national

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    ok guys what horse have you got on? i have on deep purple the midnight club seabass rare bob west end rocker in complince organised confusion hello bud
  4. Renault National Forum Meet

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    Hi guys and gals anyone going to the Renault National Forum Meet at Gaydon Motor Musem on the 17th April 2011.???
  5. The improved National Health Service.

    Jokes & funny stuff
    The British Medical Association has weighed in on the new Prime Minister David Cameron's health care proposals. The Allergists voted to scratch it, but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves. The Gastroenterologists had a sort of a gut feeling about it, but the neurologists...
  6. News from Renault - New three-year deal for Renault's national motorsport championshi

    RSS feeds three-year deal for Renault's national motorsport championship Click here to read more »
  7. National Emergency declared in Ireland

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    A major fire is reported to have broken out in Ireland's main Guinness production plant in Dublin. A call out went out on Monday to all fire-fighters and station staff across the country to attend to assist in putting the fire out. Observers have reported that the fire-fighters have been seen...
  8. National Insurance

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    Does anyone understand whats happened with National Insurance ? I thought it was going up by 1% but it seems its not that simple? Insured benefits .. child benefit, sick pay, pensions there anything else? Doesnt seem very good value if thats all.
  9. Royal Mail Workers Vote For National Strike

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  10. Any Grand National Tips?

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    Its off topic but does anyone have any tips today for the Grand National? a friend in work told me to back “State Of Play” because he normally runs better after the grounds been rained on overnight. Normally I pick the horse from either riders jersey colours or name :-) but I’m trying to be a...
  11. Grand National - anyone having a flutter

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    A know nothing of horse racing but there are a couple of horses running whos names appeal to me
  12. Irish National Rally Champion Pics

    Motorsport pics & clips
    Hi as promised Lag:) i had to go hunting for them but i have not got as many as i thought,well i think some are still over in NI at Lisburn with the mother-in-law and the others have been took from far away and do not make good viewing. These two pics are of Bertie Law in his Vauxhall Chevette...
  13. 2008 National Forum Meet

    Here's where you, as forum members, can have your say on where you would like a national forum meeting of members to take place in 2008. We have had the following four places put forth. I have included links to each event but as yet not all events have ticket information available. Once this...
  14. Death of this master of the skies is a national scandal

    Regional activity
    Tragic utterly tragic ...:mad: News - Death of this master of the skies is a national scandal
  15. National Kissing Day

    General Chat
    Enjoy :) Of mouths and men | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited Regards Ottoman :)
  16. Grand National 2007

    General Chat
    How many people woud be interested in an online sweepstake between members? I've asked the great mr wonk if it would be possible to set up - which he is very kindly looking into right now :) I'm suggesting we all put in a £1 per horse (via paypal), and either winner takes all, or we shareout...
  17. This years grand national winner

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    click to view this years winning horse
  18. The most intrusive ever national census warning

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    Proposed census warning The most intrusive ever national census After council tax spies, census snoops on your pay | the Daily Mail Also millions of medical records scandal Police and social workers to get access to records on troubled NHS computer | the Daily Mail
  19. Do you think your details should be stored on the national DNA database?

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    Do you think your details should be stored on the national DNA database? Have your say. DOWNLOAD AND FILL OUT THE FORM,THEN EMAIL IT BACK. READ THE ARTICLE: Sky News: UK News, World News and Business News. The First for breaking global News! GET THE FORM HERE: Nuffield Council on Bioethics
  20. any hot tips for national ??

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    hi out there, Is there any racing punters out there can give my partner a hot tip for the race this afternoon, i am fed up every year spending a fiver watching it fall over a hedge. :d :d :d