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  1. 1991 Renault Trafic Holdsworth nearside lens cover

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi I was on here last year and still trying to find the side light cover. Been everywhere even on french eBay to no avail. Who would I need to contact to probably do the cover plate ?? as suggested on other threads and do you think this could be done here. I have attached both sides of van so...
  2. Nearside side light or tail light

    I have a 2005 Renault Modus 1.4 Dynamic. The Nearside Tail light wasn't working, so I replaced 10the bulb but this didn't work. The side light isn't working either. The 10amp fuse under the bonnet had blown, which was also replaced. When the lights are switched on the it blows the fuse. Can...
  3. Nearside Front Position lamp not working (4.2.1 (a))

    So my 2004 Grand scenic 1.9DCI failed on Nearside Front Position lamp not working (4.2.1 (a)) Anybody shed some light on what this is and how much it would be to fix please before I get blasted by Halfords
  4. Nearside Rear Wheel Locked Up? (MEGANE III)

    Wheels & tyres
    As I parked up on the road, I heard a loud grinding noise at the nearside rear. Sounded like an alloy wheel grinding against a curb. I got out of the car, looked at the wheel and found a tyre mark on the road as if I'd just tried doing a burn out. The tyre track was a meter long, trailing behind...
  5. Nearside indicators

    I have a 2011 Grand scenic and the nearside indicators have stopped working. The offside work fine but there is no power to the rear or front on the passenger side
  6. mk1 scenic nearside drive shaft needed

    anybody in the sheffield area or south yorkshire got a nearside driveshaft for a mk1 scenic 2001 plate
  7. renault Megane 1.9 dci mk2 Rear NEARSIDE = PASSENGER SIDE window not opening !

    Renault Megane 1.9 dci mk2 Rear NEARSIDE = PASSENGER SIDE window not opening but it locks fine with the remote ? any ideas before i strip it right down .. ?? :smile2: if need any images just ask and i shell do my best to grab some why its not raining hard .. dont we love English weather Lol ..
  8. Reversing Lights - Kangoo ML19 DCI70

    Hello all, I went to fix not having a nearside reversing light tonight. I removed the cluster and found that whilst there is a holder for the bulb, there was no bulb, AND, the opening to let the bulb into the cluster was still blanked off. Is this usual (2010 model)? Is there any reason not to...
  9. Nearside windows not working

    I know there's some issues with some windows not working, but on mine the O/S front & rear windows are working fine, but none of the nearside windows work at all they are completely dead, they wont work either off their own switches or the drivers switch, I've checked the 2x25A fuses & they're...
  10. 04 Megane clicking: in nearside back pillar (not window, nor petrol tank filler side)

    Just bought a right-hand drive 2004 megane dynamique 1.6 vvt automatic two weeks ago. I was not aware of any ticking when I got it, but it is there now. I thought it was an audible part of the flashing spanner, so reset the "service due" to 18000 miles, and the spanner stopped flashing, but...
  11. No Nearside headlight and washers

    Hi everyone, got a problem with my 2008 Renault Clio 1.2 petrol. The washers dont work The nearside headlight dont work The offside side light dont work. Horn dont work Now, done the obvious, fuses, stalks battery fuses (ones next to battery where relays are passenger side) Checked fuses under...
  12. Laguna MkIII Nearside front electric window 'jerking'

    Hi all My nearside front electric window appears to be playing up It only drops about an inch each time the button is pressed, whether steady or one touch. It therefore takes about 12 presses to raise or lower fully There's no obvious grating noise to indicate the cable might be going...
  13. Scenic 2 front nearside wing alignment

    Hi, My name is Karl Davies. My car was knocked in a car park, the offender jkust did a runner. There is little damage though. My question is how can you realign the wing to fit correctly especially around the front light cluster area. I have tried tapping/hitting the protruding part to no avail...
  14. Near-side front wing

    Hi ,I need to replace a damaged near-side front wing on a Renault Scenic 2005, It looks like the wing mirror has to be removed (how) ?, and there are several other screws and bolts that seem to be in- accessible,can anybody please point me in the right direction
  15. Nearside Suspension Knocking

    Steering and Suspension
    Had a knocking on the passenger front for some time, Took it too a garage they said it was inner tie rod, took it back next day to get it done...then they said it was the steering rack. I said F you. Bought a refurbed rack for £70 and had different mechainc fit it for £100. The main knocking has...
  16. Renault Trafic (2010) Nearside rear door misaligned

    Hi guys, hoping someone can help. I was loading some bits into the back of my Trafic today and a strong gust of wind caught the nearside rear barn door, which prevented the door from shutting. I've since taken all of the neccessary body parts off to access where the door hinges are bolted to...
  17. Leak under rear nearside passenger seat

    Hi, I have a small leak from under the rear nearside passenger seat from a cap type item. I have attached the pics of these but wondered if anyone could ID them for me before I start pulling them apart and causing damage. thanks in advance alig
  18. location of nearside front sidelight fuse..scenic 2

    hello folks dont shoot me for posting here but i have read everything i could find on this subject and followed donnie p,s tutorial on the scenic 2 fusebox...unfortunately my front and rear sidelights are out on the n/s and im searching for the fuse to check bonnet fusebox looks nothing...
  19. 95 Trafic nearside rear bumper

    Hi Guys I need a nearside rear bumper for Vehicle: Renault TRAFIC T1100D CHALLENGER MOTOR HOME/CARAVAN (1995) 2068cc MOT looming..... Any ideas?? Help much appreciated Cheers Col
  20. Espace IV (2006) nearside mirror

    I'm after the base metal frame for the nearside ( passenger) mirror. Everything about the mirror works, but it's been whacked and the metal chassis is broken. So if you have a mirror that's smashed / faulty motor / missing glass etc, but the metal chassis is sound, I'm keen. Also open to offers...