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  1. Urgent help needed with petrol cap

    Urgent help needed with petrol cap Hi guys, I have managed to find the emergency pull ring for the fuel cap (central locking just making a noise near the cap and not opening it), however the pull is loose and inoperative. The access is really poor and I can't see the unit. Does anyone know if I...
  2. 8200668704 upper inlet manifold bolt needed

    hi i wonder if anyone in here sells or can spare one bolt for upper inlet manifold part number 8200668704 . for clio 2000, 1.4 16v . mine comes and E12 head but and head will do the job thanks
  3. Kangoo original alternator identification help needed

    Hello, The alternator on my 2004 SL17 80+ (62kw) has packed up. My problem is that it was incorrectly replaced only about 2years ago. I would not expect it to give up so soon (Lucas LRA01990) but I don't have the original alternator to confirm what was originally fitted. There are several...
  4. Assistance needed - alignment issue

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi All, Hopefully someone can provide an opinion to either set my mind at ease or point me back in the direction of the garage who 'fixed' my alignment issue today. So basically, my car was stolen Aug 2017 and as a result had 4 new tyres (dunlop sport maxx rt 2). I recently had a service at a...
  5. Navara Diesel D40 headache opinion needed **Fixed**

    Other makes
    As you guys may know I get the honor to help sort funky customer or agents screwed control systems on a range of vehicles. So have a guy arrive with this animal having spent a ton of money on timing chain kits, fuel pump rebuild, injector rebuild, turbo rebuild fuel filter replaced ...
  6. clio "check injection" message and spanner light on

    hello ppl, new to this forum so really sorry if this question has been asked before. I have a 2010 clio 3 with a 1.5 k9k engine with 66k on clock, I have a "check injection" message in dash along with the orange spanner light which is continuously on. The vehicle starts first time and the...
  7. Laguna 1 lower spring seating plate needed

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Please can anyone help me to locate an Offside front lower coil spring seating plate for a Mk 1 Laguna? I have a 2.0 RT Laguna (Nov 1998) hatchback which has just failed its MOT because: Offside Front Lower Suspension spring mounting prescribed area is corroded to the extent that control...
  8. Major help needed please **Sorted**

    General Chat
    hi all, i have a mk 3 scenic 1.5 dci, any its been struggling to start in the mornings so today i thought id test the glow plugs, anyway to remove the engine cover i had to take off the big turbo pipe , i tested the glow plugs, all of which are knackered lol, but when i come to put the pipe...
  9. Renault Espace broken down. Advice needed please

    Hi All Renault Espace 4 Petrol 2l 16 v 2004 model Yesterday morning on the way to work I leave a roundabout and let go of the clutch and suddenly there is nothing. No power at all. I free the car for a while but each time I let go of the clutch I loose speed. Eventually the car slows...
  10. Clio clutch help needed please!!!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I've just fitted a new clutch to my clio 1.2 2005 and i can select gears fine with engine off but when engine is running I cannot get any gears? Have i fitted the clutch plate the wrong way round? It didn't have anything written on it to say flywheel side etc? I did put some super glue on it to...
  11. DIY remap for 1.9dci Trafic info needed please

    Tuning & Modding
    Hi to all I am thinking of Remapping my 2005 Trafic 1.9dci 100 as I am now using it as a tow vehicle and would like a little more low down pulling power to get its self and the trailer up hills. I have been reading a few past post about remapping the ecu on the 1.9dci engines but these post...
  12. Help needed please!! Thankyou Simon

    Ask the Experts
    O/S front suspension arm with complete ball joint required?
  13. Help needed asap. Please

    Hi I have a Renault traffic 1.6 petrol campervan 1986. The engine popped on way back from buyer paid £200 so you can imagine what my heads like. My machanic said it looks like your head gasket but even if I get it done it could not work or cracked block. Anyway I said il look for a doner van. Iv...
  14. Help needed with 2015 trafic

    Hi everybody, was wondering if anybody could shed some light on a problem before I book it into Renault? I have a 2015 Trafic with 26000 miles on it. Starts and runs fine until clouds of blue-ish smoke comes out after it has run for about 45 minutes. No loss of power or missing and the smoke...
  15. Help needed

    Hi I'm new here and need help .. I have an automatic scenic 1.6 . 2003 . Drove back from school fine . Went to move it about 15 mins later . And I now can't get in to any gears.
  16. Help needed

    Computer Club
    Anyone got an Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family PCI Express Driver floating about.. Preferably a link to said Intel chip driver.. Spent ages scouring the net,, but must be losing my touch.. as cannot find it.. Not one in Russia neither before certain people comment ( Yep looked...
  17. Electronic Handbrake Help needed Pleassse

    I am at my wits end - Please could someone offer me any advice ? So I have taken the handbrake motor off the car and had it repaired and fixed - both cables have been replaced and it was all looking lovely and new. I've bolted the box down and connected the cables to the callipers - replace the...
  18. Renault part needed (heat shield)

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a Renault Laguna 1.6 rt petrol 2000 reg. It's just failed its Mot due to heat shield fault. Garage said it is to protect fuel tank. Not sure if this is the same thing as a heat shield for the exhaust, suspect it might be. Does anyone know where I could get a new or decent old heat...
  19. Help Needed Please

    General Chat
    Had a bit a bump in the car today nothing serious, but I need to replace my passenger headlight unit as its broken on the mounting points. Does anyone have a part number for it or can any of the parts guys give me a price on a replacement please. Its a Mk3 Grand Scenic 2010. MTIA
  20. Clio 3 New Head Unit. Which adapters needed?

    In-car entertainment
    Hi So after upgrading the front speakers it is time for a new head unit. I ordered a Pioneer DEH-X7800DAB but I am uncertain how many adapters I need. I have attached a picture of my current head unit(From the front since I did not get the removal tools yet) For now I will stick to FM radio...