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  1. Positive and negative speaker wires

    In-car entertainment
    Amateur question, which colour is positive and which one negative? Is the front right speaker in a clio mk4 2014. Also will the left speaker be the same colours? If not which of them will be poss and neg. Thanks!
  2. Central locking negative trigger

    Does anyone know if the megane 3 uses negative or positive trigger for the central locking system? I've got an alarm kit that I need to install and need to locate the negative trigger wire. Any idea how I can locate this? where would this wire be? Thanks
  3. laguna 2002 negative & positive pulse wires

    hi i have a laguna 2002 i`m looking for the negative pulse wire & positive pulse wire for locking and unlocking the doors where can i find these and what colour is the wiring thank you so much
  4. 1997 Clio Trying to remove battery cables from negative battery terminal.

    Hello! I'm very new to all of this tinkering and have been trying unsucessfully to remove the black cap from the negative terminal on my 1.9 diesel. I know this is very basic (!) but how do I remove this cap? Do I need to unscrew it anti-clockwise? It really doesn't seem to want to move and I...
  5. negative cable that leads from the battery

    My car wont start and i have taken it into 2 garages and neither of them are able to get the part that i need . It is the black negative cable that leads directly to the battery with the fuse attached . It is a black 1.2 clio , 52 plate.
  6. Scenic Megane 1998 RXE Coolant expansion exploding - headGasket test negative?

    Hello First post here to see if anone can shed some light. Just bought a T reg megane scenic 1.9 diesel, drives beatufully etc, but after around 500 miles the warning light came on and coolant had pushed itself out of the expansion bottle. I topped it up and checked at every journey and it...
  7. Hamilton maybe negative for F1

    Formula 1 news
    Finally someone else says what I have felt all season :d BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula One | Hamilton 'may be negative for F1'
  8. Do Renaults Have Positive or Negative Radiator Fans

    Hi my 2nd and last question is, Does Renaults have a Positive or a negative radiator fan ie does our fans come on or thermostats work after the ignition key is removed cheers Donald.
  9. Does Renault Have 12v DC Negative Ground Electric System

    Hi thanks for taking a look at this as the heading say does renault have this or not as i have and extra clifford alarm voice warning system module i would like to buy and the car has to be as the heading says,iam sure it does but i have a little niggle that says no cheers Donald.