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  1. Hello. My name is Neil and I'm in need of some help. :)

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    Hi everyone, I've just bought a very cheap 1.4l petrol Scenic Authentique that is in need of some TLC. Never owned one before, but I've bought it to try and learn a bit about cars. It ran for about two weeks before it died. So, I'll be asking questions to see if it can be fixed? I've tried...
  2. neil

    hi having problems with my espace 4 evrything works ok but when i turn lights on they will not turn off ,i have to disconnect battery then they go off ,works on both sidelight and dip beam
  3. hi there im Neil ,

    hi there im Neil , coming to work this morning my auto light came on my dash whats gone wrong please ?
  4. mr neil hammond

    the display does not come on when i switch the radio on.The radio does not work either
  5. Neil Gibbins

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    Hi there, I’m a ‘Brand-Newby’ to forums of any type (well I did dabble with some dodgy ones when I was much younger, but have put that behind me now). So it's A big HI from me to all of you on this gorgeous day. We seem to have an affinity for Scenic 11’s and are on our 6th! It’s a 2003 Fiji...
  6. Neil Hodgson Retires

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    Former British and World Superbike Champion Neil Hodgson has been forced to retire from racing..... I can't help feeling that he under achieved in his career,after his dominance in World Superbikes he made the same mistake as so many...
  7. Renault Clio 2 - Cutting Out

    Hi My 52 plate Renault Clio has a fault where it just keeps cutting out! Stalls at any time and the engine manement light flickers and then stays on! it will restart straight away but stalls as soon as I try to pull away! Sometimes takes as long as 20 mins to be able to go! I've had a cheap...
  8. neil

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  9. Welcoming New Members Part 1

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    Hi razza, and welcome to RenaultForums We only launched the site today, so you are one of our very first members! Hope you enjoy your visit :)