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  1. Happy Birthday Neleh

    General Chat
    Happy Birthday Neleh, have a really good day :)
  2. Neleh's cousin John & the Three Peaks Challenge

    General Chat
    Hope no one is offended if I'm a bit cheeky here and use the forum to promote a good cause ;) My cousin is involved with the charity Greenhouse Schools Project and is trying to raise funds by attempting the Three Peak Challenge. Rather him than me :eek: :eek: Its a very worthy cause and if...
  3. neleh Spoonerism

    Jokes & funny stuff
    neleh has just been on Messenger. I quote: "anyway what you want busty woman for" She meant "busy" bless her but if the cap fits :rofl:
  4. neleh needs a new motor

    Cars & motoring
    The missus (neleh) needs a new car. We've decided on a fairly modest budget circa £6000 and she's got a few models in mind: o Ford Fiesta (probably the last series) o Renault Clio (definately NOT the new series) o Honda Jazz I've also suggested: o Renault Modus o Mercedes A-class (slightly...
  5. Welcoming New Members Part 1

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi razza, and welcome to RenaultForums We only launched the site today, so you are one of our very first members! Hope you enjoy your visit :)