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  1. Electronics
    Hello everyone this is my first post as I didnt really have any trouble with my Captur since bought new in 2015 however there is one particular problem that is driving me crazy. The Renault garage is equally clueless about it - they say they never seem this before and software update did...
  2. Electronics
    Hi Need your help guys :confused:. Im having Clip cable for a few months now, helped me a lot :) Only thing what left to sort out is connection between my laptop and Instrument panel. When i do multiplex network test with a Clip v.122 i can communicate with all the exist units/blocks apart...
  3. Engines
    Morning all. Let me see if I get this right. Starting from the intercooler. The black pipe runs from the passenger side of the intercooler has a sensor on it, then runs to the throttle body. This then runs through the head, to the turnip. The large metal pipe runs from the turbo with heat back...
  4. Electronics
    I have "Electronic Fault" message on the dash and Service light on on my Megane so I got diagnostics done on the car. The diagnostics came back with this code and message - DF033 Multiplex network. Active CAN connection fault. Haven't got a clue what this means and would really appreciate if...
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    Apologies for the outage this evening. This one was not down to me, but due to a network switch problem at our ISP.
  7. Polls
    hi everyone:d i found a site that lets you show yor playstation network username and avatar, does anyone think its a bit too big:confused:
  8. Computer Club
    Howdy all, I have just recently bought myself a wireless router in order for me to get the PS3 online...... ......if only it were that simple :steam: Was wondering if anybody else has has the same problem(s) as me and if they knew how to rectify them :confused: What seems to be the...
  9. Computer Club
    Take care now folks