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  1. Virgin Media Networking

    Computer Club
    Just a ramble really but advice, suggestions or whatever welcome. We have recently changed it all around with VM to cancel Son's account in his top floor flat and run the whole house off one account. Halved our total monthly bills, got extra boxes and content so generally happy. However, now...
  2. Business-2-Business social networking

    Job Club
    Hi there, Related to Job Club, but for those self-employed. I have my own business, and this year has been very tough - probably the same for you. I have a business facebook page with 176 'Likes' and I was wondering - if I promote your business on my page, would you do the same for me? The...
  3. Networking a Packard Bell

    Computer Club
    Hello,I just bought my daughter a Packard bell laptop. Looks the biz pretty well set up out of the box and picks up my wireless router and connected automatically. Problem I have is how do I network my files and printer for sharing and will it matter that the new laptop is Vista and my desktop...
  4. Home Office calls for better security on social networking sites

    Computer Club
  5. YouTube most popular networking site

    Computer Club
  6. Networking Sites linked to Suicide's???

    General Chat
    Not good at all Police suspect internet link to suicides | Technology | The Guardian
  7. Parody sites start anti-social networking trend

    Computer Club
    :p Parody sites start anti-social networking trend | Reuters
  8. Wireless Networking! ! !

    Computer Club
    Just bought a new laptop that i intend on contecting to the existing wireless network in my house. I'm already running a PC (connected directly to broadband) and a laptop (connected through 'linksys' wireless router). Anyway, get home start up the laptop. It connects to the wireless network...
  9. Home networking

    Computer Club
    I'm sure there must be others out there with the same yearning to network at home; Just gone over to broadband so we can use the phone in the evenings (school homework seems to dictate that the kids use the PC for hours every night). So, we have a main PC in the lounge running Win98SE and a USB...